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Ivan Starikov will be overcome with Anatoly Chubajsom

Yesterday in Novosibirsk hotel “ the Gold valley “ there has passed zone conference of the Union of the right forces (Union of Right Forces). On it representatives of federal party leadership tried to find out opinion of representatives of the Siberian and Far East regions concerning the one who should become at the head of Union of Right Forces. In a lobby of conference the correspondent " tried to make the same; “ DMITRY VINOGRADOV. Congress of Union of Right Forces which should choose party leadership on June, 26th will take place. After on December elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation the right could not break a 5 percent barrier, co-chairmen of party Boris Nemtsov, Irina Khakamada and Anatoly Chubays have retired. Mister Nemtsov was engaged in business, and madam Khakamada who has taken offence at Union of Right Forces that party has refused to support it on presidential elections, creates the new organisation. Before congress three zone conferences in Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and St.-Petersburg on which party fellows should exchange opinions on personnel and to the general political problems have been planned. On Novosibirsk conference there have arrived representatives of 18 regional branches of Union of Right Forces, and from Moscow - the secretary on the regional policy of political council Boris Minz, the secretary on the electoral and information policy Ivan Starikov and the chairman of executive committee Oleg Permjakov. The two last - novosibirtsy.
heads of meeting have refused carrying out of press conference. But, according to the vice-president of Novosibirsk political council Andrey Shevereva, federal political council of Union of Right Forces tends to idea to keep anarchy at least till September when will take place the following congress. To make it it is supposed in expectation of returning of mister Chubays. “ Anatoly Chubays - the man of his word. He has promised that as soon as will finish process of reforming of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, at once will retire from a post of the chairman of a power supply system. We have looked at plans of reforming of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, it comes to an end just in September. It seems that Chubays is going to concentrate on party work “ - mister Sheverev has explained.
However, many representatives of regions are sceptical about this idea. According to mister Shevereva, “ on last elections Nemtsov bragged of that over Union of Right Forces at anybody, unlike “ the Apple “ is not present “ a controlling stock “. So let`s not admit, that this “ a controlling stock “ was at Chubays “. In opinion partfunktsionera, rank-and-file members of party are confused with its negative image, so “ if we put Anatoly Borisovicha in the leader of the party, we will have the two percent “.
Therefore as one of candidates in party leaders at a meeting spoke about Ivan Starikove. “ I think, we will exercise the right, first, to bring a question on the chairman of the party in the congress summons, secondly, to propose a candidature of Starikova “ - mister Sheverev has informed. Other nominee representatives of regions named the head of the Arkhangelsk branch, the deputy of local Legislative Assembly Dmitry Taskaeva.
the Chief executive of Tomsk branch of Union of Right Forces Vladimir Borodich in conversation with the correspondent “ “ has confirmed presence of sympathies for mister Starikovu from many right of a province: “ Really, many know it and appreciate, it could try. Anyway, to choose someone it is necessary “.
Ivan Starikov has declared that is ready to be overcome for a post of the chairman of political council of party. “ at last congress we tried to define the leader by means of rating voting, I have appeared in the first three (Anatoly Chubays became the first. - “ “) . I accurately represent to myself that the party should do. So, if the majority is declined what to select the leader it is necessary now, is ready to propose the candidature “ - he has declared. According to mister Starikova, its chances of success are great: “ my surname More often sounds. If ten times name a surname of the potential leader, seven times will sound “ Old men “.