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Trade unions protested half-heartedly

Yesterday within the limits of the All-Russia protest action active workers of the Volgograd trade unions have organised picket at a building of regional administration and a regional thought. Gathered were indignant with a policy spent by the Russian government, and have threatened with strike if reactions of the authorities will not follow. The action in which 400 persons have taken part nearby, lasted only 35 minutes and has passed without excesses. Together with trade unions the correspondent " protested; Igor Sviriz. To 700 persons promised by trade unions quantity of participants of picket, of course, nedotjanulo. But 300-400 wishing to declare the rights before dvermi regional administrations it was typed. Probably, role the torrential rain, since the morning fallen upon Volgograd has played. Probably, it has affected and mood of the gathered. The action has passed marvellously boringly. There was what we and expected: the State Duma and the government have started to work - has opened terrible truth to the correspondent Before the beginning of meeting the owner of action - the chairman of the Volgograd country council of trade unions Vyacheslav Kobozev. But has there and then explained: the Duma now reconsiders more than 200 laws, and all changes are directed on destruction of system of social protection . As he said, first of all trade unions are dissatisfied with bills on which doctors and teachers are translated on financing from municipal budgets and lose the status workers of budgetary sphere low level of their salary and the offer of the government on replacement of privileges to veterans and invalids monetary payments. yes in Europe only from - for cancellations of one privilege millions people would rise, - with rebellious shine in eyes mister Kobozev has declared, - and if now to opinion of the people will not listen, we will arrange the All-Russia strike . After that it took a megaphone and already prinarodno has branded the Russian government. However, reaction in weights ardent speech of the trade-union leader has caused the languid. And here Volgograd obkoma Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alevtiny Aparinoj participants of picket have met performance of the secretary with the big enthusiasm. I will not speak about those crimes which are made by the government - it has begun and began to tell about government crimes. The gathered listened to the leader of the Volgograd communists with the spiritualised persons, shaking in a step to its words heads, and have awarded with a generous applause. While to the companions on idea from a tribune leaders of every possible branch trade unions addressed, behind backs acting rough activity was developed by opposition in number of one person. The doctor First aid representing regional branch of conceptual party the Unification Anatoly Beloglazov flashed before television cameras and arose upon interview. trade unions do not carry out a role sounded by Lenin, - he has informed - they do not educate the population and cannot it from what to save . Having noticed that such actions not that other, as vypuskanie pair in a whistle mister Beloglazov has escaped to communicate with television. In the meantime from a building of a regional thought there was its chairman Roman Grebennikov and has straight proceeded to a tribune. Struggling with badly working megaphone, he has suggested all ideas of trade unions to issue in appropriate way and to transfer to deputies of regional Legislative Assembly. we will consider them on council of a thought and the next session, and also, leaning against them, we leave with the initiative in the State Duma - mister Grebennikov has promised. After that the action has come to the end. The basic part of its participants (nearby 200 persons. - ) well-disposed ranks has gone to a building of the central public telephone booth on selector meeting with trade-union cells of areas of area. The others have gone to places of the basic labour activity. Instead of the planned hour picket lasted only 35 minutes.