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Trade unions have shown to the authorities a corner of requirements

Yesterday within the limits of the All-Russia action of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) the Voronezh trade unions picketed regional administration and regional Duma buildings. The action, despite participation of one and a half thousand picketers, has passed silently and quickly. And so that, apparently, both the authorities, and trade unions remained are happy the friend with the friend. on May, 19th the executive committee of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia declared carrying out on June, 10th the All-Russia protest action in reply to the decision of the government of the Russian Federation on modification abreast the laws, separate powers of the federal centre concerning transfer on regional level, and also replacement of social privileges with monetary indemnifications. In executive committee FNPR have considered that so-called administrative reform of the Kremlin will lead to deterioration socially - an economic situation of workers and the federal centre, according to trade-union leaders, it is simple Declines all responsibility for sotsobjazatelstva before the population.
in Voronezh representatives of trade unions managed to deduce on meeting to buildings of regional administration and a thought about one and a half thousand persons. The header with an inscription " was a hit of traditional slogans; the Earth, factories, factories - all have taken away from the people if the people sleep, will select also a kitchen garden . To talk to the authorities, that they have notified on claims oblsovprofa the federal centre the group of the people which have named " went; initiative led by the chairman oblsovprofa Alexey Ovchinnikovym.
While initsiativshchiki went to the authorities, the part of picketers relaxed. Habitues of meetings, about ten active women of pension age, posed before a body - and cameras, terribly clenching fists and showing the posters with the semierased inscriptions on duty: In resignation of the president and the government! Small group from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which zatesalas in back rows with red flags, has tightened was Whirlwinds hostile blow over us . But the majority of picketers has not supported singers, and weak voices of creatively adjusted communists quickly have ceased.
nobody called them, - the press - the secretary oblsovprofa Boris Beljaev has complained to the correspondent . - They, as always, have come . And we live in the democratic country! - communists parried, having heard reproaches in the address. Workers of the Voronezh mechanical factory admitted to the correspondent that them not so much requirements which put forward " interest; trade-union bosses how many absence of hot water at their place: We already half a year did not wash . And at this time governor Vladimir Kulakov left a back part of a building of regional administration to go to congratulate with 55 - Is central - Chernozemnogo of bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation Alexander Soloveva summer anniversary of the chairman.
After some minutes from a front entrance has appeared initiative group . The chairman oblsovprofa Alexey Ovchinnikov shone. He has joyfully informed everything that vitse - governor Yury Savinkov (appointed, apparently, the governor to be on duty and to spend dialogue with holding a meeting) has completely supported their requirements. that package of laws which deprives of people of privileges, will be considered at an angle our requirements, - the trade-union leader has reported. - Savinkov has promised to transfer our requirements to the federal authorities - in the government, the State Duma and even personally to Michael Fradkov . In end of the monologue mister Ovchinnikov has suggested all to finish picket and to be warmed from a cold wind . Its picketers have obeyed.
Tatyana Karabut