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Thailand recognised presence at it Islamic extremism
the Government of Thailand yesterday for the first time recognised that the reason of a wave of violence in the south of the country from which in 2004 200 persons were lost from above, is the Islamic extremism. Minister of Internal Affairs Bhakin Bhalakual has declared that extremists have used certain religious doctrines to induce young Moslems of region to make attacks on government officials and civilians. Earlier the government usually characterised terrorists as gangsters or the persons deceived by certain cults .
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the Pentagon have accused of dishonesty
Main schetnoe management (GSU) - control body of the congress of the USA - has accused the Pentagon of understating of number of the American military men, podvergshihsja to dangerous chemical influence during war around Persian gulf in 1991. In published report GSU it is said that official calculation of victims was accompanied large-scale errors . Besides, GSU reproaches as the Pentagon, and the ministry of affairs of veterans with intended negation of communication between influence of dangerous chemical substances on the American soldiers with their subsequent hospitalisation and death rate.
these chemical agents as them name in reports, were formed in Iraq as a result of the massed bombardments of objects where, according to the American command, warehouses of ammunition of army of Saddam Hussein settled down. The clouds of poisonous gases formed after powerful explosions sometimes moved to an arrangement of the American armies. It has led to infection with the subsequent heavy frustration of health. According to the Pentagon for 2000, in war in Persian gulf from influence dangerous chemical agents has suffered about 102 thousand military men of the USA. However GSU denies this data, reminding that about 700 thousand veterans of that war suffered from unknown diseases which, some epidemiologists consider, have been caused by influence of substances, under the amazing factors close to chemical ammunition. Same, probably, the high death rate among the American veterans of the first war in Iraq speaks also.