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The Rostov mayoralty has refused cash

Yesterday board of administration of Rostov-on-Don has accepted the program of the actions directed on development of clearing settlements and expansion of the market of bank cards in the Don capital. The city authorities intend to stimulate increase in quantity of the purchases made with application credit cards . It is for this purpose planned to spend an advertising campaign propagandising a non-cash way of calculations, and to encourage the trade enterprises using in work a post - terminals.
as the director of department of economic development of city administration Alexander Tolkachev has informed on board, as of April, 1st of this year more than 200 thousand rostovchan had a bank card that makes an order of 20 % of the population of a city while two years ago - 8 %, one year ago - 14 %. He has noticed that the basic gain of holders of plastic cards occurs at the expense of realisation so-called salary projects When the large industrial enterprises enter into special agreements with banks about transfer of a salary of the employees into plastic cards. One more stimulus forcing townspeople to receive a card, according to Alexander Tolkacheva, opening by banks of demand lines of credit for owners of the cards let out by them is. Earlier to obtain a loan by a card without entering of pledge or gathering of the documents confirming credit status, workers of banks and the VIP - clients with faultless " had possibility only; credit reputation .

At the same time, according to the head of department, plastic cards on - former remain for rostovchan way of reception of cash. So, in the first quarter 2004 from 6 mlrd roubles of city fund of payment on plastic cards it has been translated 2 mlrd roubles, for the same time a total volume of calculations with use credit cards Has made only 34 million roubles from 15 mlrd roubles of a turn of retail trade.

such data proves to be true also data of Central administrative board of the Central Bank across the Rostov region which testify to advancing growth of quantity of cash dispenses in Rostov-on-Don in comparison with installation a post - terminals in trading - the service enterprises. So, for last year the number of city cash dispenses has grown on 67 % and has reached 124 pieces (the quantity of points of delivery of cash currency has increased by 10 % to 168 PVN), and number of the enterprises of retail trade and the services equipped with the corresponding equipment, has grown only on 28 %. Thus, according to deputy chief GU the Central Bank across the Rostov region Tatyanas Grossmans, trading organisations reluctantly go on installation a post - terminals, and what are already equipped by them, prefer to carry out calculations with use of cash. The madam Grossman even has resulted examples especially pig-headed the enterprises. As she said, transition to clearing settlements refuse flatly a trading network the Magnet and the Supermarket Western .

Such unwillingness experts of city administration explain dearness of installation a post - terminals and the high commission raised by banks for carrying out of calculations, and also problems with maintenance of trade enterprises with high-speed communication lines. As Tatyana Grossman marks, low quality of standard telecommunications increases a holding time of clients that negatively influences desire of the holder to carry out the clearing settlement, and qualitative modern telecommunication services, in turn, the expensive.

Meanwhile, participants of the market name other reasons of unwillingness of trading organisations to pass to the clearing settlement. As the representative " has informed at session; Alpha bank Now retail trade prefers to hide the incomes to minimise the taxation. it is more convenient to them to work with a black cash it is more difficult for tracking, than a condition of bank accounts - he has informed. Representatives of banks also have informed that now they are ready to establish at own expense a post - terminals, however trade enterprises reluctantly on it go. To develop clearing settlements in trade enterprises bankers have explained the aspiration not so much desire to raise commission fee, how many economy on installation of cash dispenses (cash dispense cost makes now $13 - 18 thousand, a post - the terminal - $600 - 800. - )

summing up, the mayor of Rostov Michael Tchernyshev has informed that the city authorities are very interested in development of clearing settlements and expansion of the market of bank cards, since It promotes reduction nalichno - a monetary turn, to acceleration of a turn of the finance and increase in receipts in budgets of all levels. Michael Tchernyshev has asked subordinated to prepare offers on those actions which the city administration can spend in this direction. He has noticed that except carrying out of the advertising campaign propagandising a non-cash way of calculations, the city authorities are ready to influence the trade enterprises which are not using in work a post - terminals. if we go on Big Garden all should accept plastic cards. And if do not accept, that they do in the central street? - the mayor has declared. And still it has made a reservation that the administrative resource will be used in a greater degree for encouragement of the enterprises having a post - terminals.