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smarts the director of commercial department SMARTS Andrey Girev has aimed on 3G

Yesterday has informed that the company continues negotiations about purchase or merge, with Tele2 Russia . In the past ??aOO? environment and the company Tele2 Russia declared plans of an exit for the market of mobile communication of the third generation. Readiness of large Swedish telecommunication holding Tele2 to finance building of networks 3G in Russia has actually been publicly sounded. We will remind, in the end of the last year FGUP the Main radio-frequency centre (GRCHTS) has refused to the SMART SOU reception of licence GSM1800 in Moscow, referring to absence of free frequencies. Joint-Stock Company smarts planned to enter the Moscow market through the affiliated company of Open Company the Traffic (the SMART SOU belongs 60 % of actions - ). After that the company management has reflected on policy change. Now the Volga region operator owns 16 licences for granting of services of cellular communication in 16 subjects of the Russian Federation. Present strategy of the company is aimed at acquisition of the operators owning licence GSM, or having possibility to obtain such licence, and, as consequence, - expansion of a licence covering on Russia and increase in the capitalisation. At present smarts carries on negotiations with several licensees GSM. Them much they also belong to the different companies. So, at the American corporation MST - 12 subjects, are some more companies - individualists (regional), possessing licence GSM for one - two regions. Such companies more than twenty. And, practically in all these regions the federal three (the Megaphone, MTS and a Biline) already either has obtained the licence, or has bought the company having the licence. to anybody, except us, the remained companies are not necessary - the director of commercial department Andrey Girev considers.
As mister Girev has informed , negotiations about purchase or merge with " now proceed; Tele2 Russia . In Russia Tele2 St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, the Rostov, Kemerovo, Irkutsk areas, a number of other regions territorially scattered on all country works in 11 regions, among them. The operator works in different standards, in six subjects of Russian Federation Tele2 possesses networks of standard GSM, in the others there are licences for work in this standard. Acquisition of Russian segment Tele2 has allowed smarts by the gross to buy a considerable quantity of licences for work in country regions. Thus, to 16 already available licences smarts has added 11 more. Having 27 licences, the company can come nearer closely to the treasured purpose - to become 4 - m the national operator of Russia. the given negotiations are one more step on a way to project realisation the new federal operator - Andrey Girev has declared.
past Thursday in Moscow smarts and Tele2 have signed the memorandum, according to which intend to create joint venture to build networks of the third generation of standard UMTS. This standard is accepted in many European countries and allows subscribers not only to speak, but also to transfer and accept the data on high speed (384 kbit/ with - 2 Mbit/. If according to item 31 of the Federal law About communication - it is told in the memorandum, - the decision on tendering for reception of the licence for rendering of services 3G the parties will take joint part in them will be accepted, having provided the necessary sizes of financing .
As Andrey Girev has explained, joint venture creation considerably will increase chances of both companies of licence reception 3G even if the tender for them will be all-Russian, instead of regional (representatives of Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation and the Russian association 3G repeatedly expressed in that spirit that licences for rendering of services of cellular communication of the third generation should be all-Russian - ).