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The question price

the special correspondent
the Taxi driver bringing me on early summer morning in the Parisian airport, having learnt that I from Russia, without a doubt shade have declared that Russia now a part of Europe. I even have jumped up from such news: Since what time? he sincerely was surprised my lack of information: but after all all Eastern Europe was included into Europe, and Russia - just in the east of Europe...
the geographical logic in its words, of course, was. But I at all desire could not explain logic of our European policy to it. Itself I do not understand. Here, for example, I not so understand till now: extended together with Europe of the NATO is a threat for us, or, on the contrary, protection, or something the third - the partner, for example?
If to us not in a high such expansion why we persistently search for possibilities to weaken a visa regime with the European countries and busily we remind, as the part of our country is in Europe. If the president of Russia is ready to communicate with EU proceeding from what logic he refuses to communicate with the NATO. I am afraid to assume, but a difference I see exactly in one country headed by our friend George, which already in Istanbul.
if it is unpleasant to the Russian president that Europe unanimously does not answer an appeal to ratify DOVSE it would be more logical to arrive to Istanbul and to discuss it with misters from the NATO. But also they have questions across Dnestr region and Georgia, whence the father the present president Boris Yeltsin promised to disengage armies still in 1999 - m. And in circumstances which mister Putin, most likely, does not like to remember. Then mister Yeltsin has covered with the broad chest of prime minister Putin with its new antiterrorist operation in the North Caucasus. Yeltsin at that Istanbul summit in 1999 - m beat For the Chechen Republic as could, and it enraged, defended the right of Russia to be at war in own territory, where and as she considers it necessary. Though it already was not its war. And still fairly handed over Yeltsin (in a month it will delegate the power to Putin) has not sent the young vigorous prime minister to Istanbul, and has taken up all squall of criticism. And already has then departed, though and ahead of schedule, having left the Minister for Foreign Affairs to sign documents. Here that also has signed.
Putin has preferred not to go at all, having shifted all difficulties and subtleties of dialogue with natovtsami on the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Any claims - Putin not Yeltsin, and on the contrary. But I nevertheless would like to understand, who to us Europe and who we to it, that is what parting words have given to the minister. All of us together with Europe which, wants we that or not, it is united also by the military block, sideways or against? We would like, that all have signed DOVSE or to keep the military presence at Moldova and Georgia? We want open borders or their strengthening in the West? We want all and at once, having paid hardly - hardly, at all on a freebie or we prefer, that have paid to us? Any similarity of the answer I see in a vigilant look of our frontier guards, without a suggestion of a smile and polite hello as though reluctantly letting in me in own country from that Europe where the mister the president promises to send us without visas.