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the President of Argentina has arrived to China
Today official five-day visit of the president of Argentina begins Nestora Kirshnera in the Peoples Republic of China. During visit mister Kirshner should meet the top management of China, including the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao and the prime minister of state council Ven Tszjabao. In the centre of negotiations there will be economic problems, first of all problems of development of trade between two countries. For today China - the largest trading partner of Argentina in Asia. Nestor Kirshner has arrived to the Peoples Republic of China and as the representative of the South American common market (MERKOSUR). MERKOSUR it is especially interested in an establishment of partner relations with the Peoples Republic of China and India, aspiring to become a counterbalance of the American association of free trade (FTAA), created under the aegis of Washington.
mister Kirshner planned to stop off on the way to China at Moscow to hold a working meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. However from - for long delays at the airport of Prague connected with weather conditions, the Argentina president and could not meet mister Putin.

Pakistan will agree with India across Kashmir
Yesterday assistants to heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India Shashank and Pakistan Riaz Hokar have begun in Delhi two-day negotiations on settlement of the conflict round Kashmir. From - for this region two countries were at war twice, balanced on the verge of war in the end of 1990 - h - the beginning 2000 - h years, and in 2001 the problem of Kashmir became that stumbling-block, from - for which signing of the total document at a meeting of the prime minister of India Atala Bihari Vadzhpai and the president of Pakistan by Perveza Musharrafa at the summit in the Indian city of Agra has been broken.
as the representative has declared yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India to Navtedzh Sarna, in the first day of negotiations of the party have discussed a violence problem in Kashmir, and also unexpected resignation of premieres - the minister of Pakistan Zafarully Dzhamali. Mister Sarna has noticed also that the parties have exchanged the offers aimed on creation of mutual trust and mutual understanding improvement . Among them there were offers on renewal of work of the Indian consulate in Karachi and Pakistan - in Mumbai, increase in number of employees of the Supreme commissariats (embassies) in Delhi and Islamabad to 110 persons, bus service opening between Srinagar and Muzaffarabadom in the Pakistan part of Kashmir, and also about an exchange of prisoners. Besides, India has suggested to enter into the agreement which would oblige both countries in advance to notify each other about forthcoming rocket tests.
on Monday the parties should discuss more a complicated question, concerning dispute on an accessory of Kashmir.
as the representative has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan to Masud the Khan, the parties have concentrated on dialogue. the political management of both countries tries to find the decision comprehensible to the population of India, Pakistan and Kashmir - he has told.