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Actions have jumped up and have fallen

stock market

the Last week in stock market it has appeared paradise for short-term speculators. Jumps of stock quotes reached 10 % a day, the basic share indexes behaved also very much volatilno. However, week on the accurate pessimistic note has ended - against an ambiguity of a situation with reform of natural monopolies RTS index has fallen below a mark of 600 points.
for the Russian actions trading week has begun for health. After Vladimir Putin`s performance that the state is not interested in bankruptcy of YUKOS, with similar statements officials as a rank began to act more low. And the Ministry of Finance even has declared that the size of tax claims to the company can be lowered. It is no wonder that it has urged on new demand for papers of YUKOS which has pulled behind itself and all market. Therefore in the first day of the auctions of the quotation of YUKOS in RTS have grown almost on 10 %, and the index has added 3 %, having reached a point of 618 points.
However as brokers speak, “ trees do not grow to heavens “ and peregretye actions began to cool down quickly enough. “ YUKOS actives while are arrested, there are no real positive shifts in litigations so growth has been caused more likely by positive expectations, than realities. Therefore it is a lot of interested persons to fix profit “ - the chief of share management in KB " marks; Olympic “ Sergey Drozdov.
therefore all latter half of the week of the quotation decreased. And correction became mirror reflexion of growth: YUKOS actions, others " most of all fell; blue “ became cheaper less. “ in general it is possible to tell that actions have now reached the equilibrium price: they do not stand neither is very expensive, nor is very cheap, - trader IK ` marks Metropol ` Maxim Zotov. - Therefore and to wait for any essential movements if, of course, there will be no not ordinary events or statements, it is not necessary “.
low activity of participants of the auctions became Distinctive feature of this trading week. So, turns under Russian Open Society actions “ UES of Russia “ five days decreased on end and only on Friday have shown small growth. Traders say that the summer became the reason of it, as usual: before a season of holidays very few people wants to remain in papers.
from the general course of the auctions in general passing under the badge of correction, papers of separate emitters were allocated. So, the prices reaching historical maxima for nickel have urged on demand for papers GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ that then has caused profit fixing on these papers. And for a week of a share of company have decreased on 2 % - the price fluctuated in a range of $56,5 - 61,8 for the action.
all the week long demand supported to Russian Open Society actions “ UES of Russia “ and “ Gazprom “. Buyers of these papers hoped that by a weekend the destiny of reforms of these companies becomes clearer. In the Russian Open Society waited for statements by a definitive principle of formation of the wholesale generating companies (OGK), and from “ Gazprom “ promulgation at Friday meeting of shareholders of concrete plans of liberalisation of the share market of the company waited. However buyers were waited by disappointment: the prime minister has declared that the decision on OGK will be accepted in the end of the year, and head “ Gazprom “ again any exact terms of association of the share market did not name. As a result on Friday of a paper “ Gazprom “ have fallen more than to 6 %, and the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ - on 3,5 %. Following the results of a week of the action “ Gazprom “ have grown on 1 %, and the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ - have decreased on 2,6 %. Whereas RTS index for this period has lost about 2 %, a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index - 1,5 %, and an index - 0,5 %.