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The Russian Railway steals up to the Chinese border

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As it became known, Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) has begun buying up of actions of joint-stock company the Gold link the owner unique in the country of a private main branch line and frontier transition in Primorski Krai. If the Russian Railway the state monopoly which is the largest creditor " is not possible to collect 51 % of shares of company; the Gold link plans to receive control over it through bankruptcy.
Open Society the Gold link it is created in 1992 for the organisation in Primorski Territory railway frontier transition of Mahalino - Hunchun by throughput of 3 million t cargoes in a year. Open Societies of the Russian Railway from Ministry of Railways have got 13,85 % of actions the Gold link Open Company biznesintervest 7,38 % of actions, Open Company " own; Dalfarma - 6,92 %, Open Society Primagropromeksport - 1,08 %, funds of property of Primorski Krai and Hasansky area - on 2,72 %. Other actions belong to physical persons, basically to railwaymen. to a gold link the station Cane and a branch line from border with China to a highway of the Far East railway (DVZHD, Russian Railway branch) 20,3 km belongs length. Between Russia and the Peoples Republic of China is two more railway frontier transitions - Grodekovo - Sujfynhe (Primorski Krai), Zabajkalsk - Manchuria (Chita region).
branch Building the Gold link it has been finished by 1999, however Cane has received a code of Ministry of Railways and the status of boundary transfer station only in the beginning of 2003 through court. In the Russian railway department believed that ways should pass under its control as DVZHD bore all expenses on building of this site.
on Friday chief DVZHD Victor Popov has declared that Russian Railway Open Society intends to get a controlling interest the Gold link that, having replaced company management, To adjust high-grade work of frontier transition . By data, buying up of papers the Gold link at physical persons in favour of Russian Railway Open Society has begun in June through Vostokbiznesbank. This information was confirmed also with the general director the Gold link Sergey Krivoruchko: the Russian Railway tries to consolidate 51 % of our actions. For example, management DVZHD reprimands the workers, insisting on sale of papers to bank. To continue normally work they can, only having got rid of actions .
Meanwhile a goods traffic on to the Gold link it is insignificant - for the first quarter 2004 the road has served only 902 t cargo. Deputy chief DVZHD on reforming Nikolay Dmitruk says that the owner of a site has established too high tariffs and is not engaged in marketing. Mister Krivoruchko accuses the Russian Railway of company failures. On Cane our client for cargo processing pays more than on the next state transition of Sujfynhe - Grodekovo where the majority of cargoes leaves, - it explains. - we take away cars in Mahalino as gruzopoluchatel and we carry them to China under the tariffs. Thus during all transportation of the Russian Railway charges to us a payment for a rolling stock. However, for example, in Grodekovo the payment for using cars is already included in the international tariff. Means, and in the tariff to Mahalino it too is put. For what reason then from us to take for using? by calculations of mister Krivoruchko, transportation of the car of fertilizers from the Perm area to Grodekovo costs to 101 thousand rbl., to Mahalino - 173 thousand rbl.
Simultaneously with buying up of actions of the Russian Railway considers possibility of bankruptcy unique in the country of a private branch line: DVZHD, given to the Gold link loans in the middle of 90 - h, is its largest creditor. The company has run into debt to road more than 100 million rbl., and we prepare a package of documents for a recognition its bankrupt - mister Dmitruk declares. We never said that we will not pay, - mister Krivoruchko objects. - But the company was obliged to begin payments when will earn transition, and it happens only in the end of the last year .
will watch succession of events.