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the Prime minister of Pakistan have sent in resignation...
past Saturday the president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has compelled the prime minister of the country Zafarullu Hana Dzhamali to resign, having declared that in the head of the office now there should be a new person. In 2002 appointment of mister Dzhamali has helped to avoid the conflict to Washington, concerned growth of influence in Pakistan ultraconservative religious parties. However relations between the new liberal prime minister and the president of Pakistan have not developed, and general Musharraf dreamt to get rid for a long time of the inconvenient head of the government. From the moment of resignation of Zafarully of Khan Dzhamali of a duty of the prime minister Chaudri Shudzhaat Hussein, the head of party in power the Pakistan Muslim league (PML) executes. It is expected that on Wednesday the parliament will confirm this nominee. Informing yesterday on changes in the government, the minister of the information Sheikh Rashid has tried to calm the USA and neighbours of Pakistan, having declared that Pervez Musharraf is not going to change a country foreign policy. He has underlined that the new government will continue a policy of friendship with India, will keep the adherence to struggle against the international terrorism and will carry out of all former obligations on the international agreements .

... And the prime minister - the minister of Czechia has left itself
On Saturday the prime minister of Czechia Vladimir Shpidla has resigned. Defeat of ruling Sotsial - democratic party (SDP) on the past in the middle of June elections in EuroParliament (it has received only two places from belonging to Czechia 24) became the reason of this step. Yesterday executive committee SDP has spent voting by secret ballot of trust to the chairman and the prime minister - to the minister. Opponents of mister Shpidly could not type necessary for removal of a vote of no confidence of 60 % of voices, but also support to it was expressed only by 78 members of executive committee SDP from 181. It became obvious that I have no support of own party and I can not hold a post of the prime minister further. Formally I will inform an office on the resignation on Wednesday - Vladimir Shpidla this very day has declared.
Leaving of the prime minister will entail resignation of the office generated from representatives of a coalition sotsial - democrats, Christian democrats and the right Union of freedom. The successor of mister Shpidly the president of Czechia Vaclav Klaus names in the near future. Almost all observers converge that it becomes 34 - summer Stanislav Gross whom sotsial - democrats intend to select the leader. On it SDP pins hopes of growth of the popularity which has essentially reeled from - for rigid economic transformations on which prime minister Shpidla has been compelled to go for the sake of the introduction of Czechia into EU.
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