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Americans have filled up stocks of Russian

draught NHL

For the first time in history National hockey league (NHL) at once two Russians have headed the list of the most perspective players at the age. At the first number on the draught which has taken place in a city of the Role (Northern Carolina), Alexander Ovechkin, under the second - Evgenie Malkin has been chosen.
Dinamovets Alexander Ovechkin for a long time has reserved behind itself the first number. Even in the autumn very few people doubted what he will head on a draught of 2004 the list of the most perspective 18 - summer players, at least among Europeans. And in last World championship in interview to North American mass-media Alexander Ovechkin almost every time has been compelled to answer a question on the future club - Washington Capitals to which already posessed by then the right of the first choice. Sensations have not occurred. Ovechkin became the second Russian after Ilya Kovalchuka, chosen under the first number in a draught. Also it has got Washington Capitals.
At us in club it was considered as the first number already very much for a long time, - the general manager vashingtontsev George Makfi has told. - We perfectly know potential of this guy. As, however, and all the others. It could be exchanged now for a heap of other players. But we did not gather and we are not going to do it. All together taken all of them equally will not replace its one .
In the USA and Canada experts consider that on level of talent and potential Alexander Ovechkin not only does not concede to the best sniper of the past regular season Ilya Kovalchuku from Atlanta Thrashers, but also surpasses it. It as is fast and tehnichen, is strong individually, but is more disciplined. The president of CSKA and the head coach of Russian national team in last World championship Victor Tikhonov very often marked ability dinamovtsa to subordinate own interests the command. And defend Ovechkin can the same as and to attack. Such players now are just most demanded in NHL. I am happy. I waited for this minute two years - the Russian admitted the first interview after a draught.
Evgenie Malkin from Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist too initially was quoted highly enough, but that it became unconditional second number in ratings of scout offices, having outstripped all North Americans, basically unexpectedness. Uralets it has appeared there where Ovechkin dreamt to play, - in Pittsburgh Penguins which has conceded in a draught - a lottery the first number vashingtontsam.
Evgenie Malkin - the third Russian chosen on draught NHL at second number. In 1992 Alexey Yashin, in 1994 - Oleg Tverdovsky, and in 1996 - m - Andrey Zyuzin has appeared the second in the list of young talents.
the past draught in the North America already named Russian, but it is necessary to notice that this time the domestic school of hockey took that is called, quality. In the first round besides Ovechkina and Malkin has been chosen (under the general 15 - m number) one more pupil of domestic hockey - besides dinamovets Alexander Radulov who has got in Nashville Predators. But on a draught Russians for all history NHL occupied so high positions only once - in 2001. Kovalchuk then there was the first, Alexander Svitov - the third, and Stanislav Tchistov - the fifth.
all in the three first rounds of a draught of 2004 12 Russians have been chosen. Washington Capitals has got, for example, besides Alexander Ovechkina also attacking Krylja Sovetov Michael Junkova. Six More rounds have taken place on Sunday.
when beginners in the new commands, not clearly debut. Trade union of players and owners of clubs have not promoted yet to compromise achievement in business of signing of the collective agreement. Lock-out, apparently, nevertheless will be. Not clearly also, how many enhaelovskie commands will pay for zadraftovannyh players to their Russian clubs. the Dynamo in particular, intend to demand for Alexander Ovechkina the sum big, than provides the contract between the International federation of hockey and NHL.