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Extra time of the Moscow film festival

Participants MMKF were broken off between cinema and football
festival evenings

Yesterday XXVI Moscow film festival (about last shown film the material see p. 13) has come to the end. Its president Nikita Mikhalkov asserts some years that the main thing at festival should be “ a show “ that is cinema, instead of “ bread “ in sense of the menu on banquets. ALEXEY - KARAHAN (GQ) considers that this time so it and was. Secular parties was less, than earlier, but all of them concerned cinema.
to tell the truth, within the limits of festival it was necessary to get on at once to two shows - cinema and to football. Many visitors of festival parties, coming to this or that institution, enquired, whether it will be possible to look translations from the European championship. The high point is connected with football in work of festival club " also; the Attic “ where visitors of festival in the evenings gathered. In day of translation of a match Portugal - England in “ the Attic “ to be ill for the the chairman of jury director Alan Parker has come. Together with it the football commentator and actor Alexey Agranovich worried about a national team of its majesty, zamgendirektora MMKF Grigory Podzemelnyj, producer Gennady Jozefavichus, otborshchik the Berlin festival Nikolay Nikitin. After a match upset with defeat and moved by support of the Russian fans nearly to tears sir Alan Parker admitted to the correspondent: “ I thought that so furiously for our national team can be ill only in English pubs “. Without considering a football fever, parties went the turn.
at restaurant New Tone celebrated authors of a competitive film “ The “ director Dmitry Meshieva, the performer of the main woman`s role Anna Mikhalkov who has come with the husband businessman Albert Bakovym and sister Nadej, and producer Elena Jatsuru (has come with mum). To congratulate them producers Sergey Seljanov and Igor Tolstunov, the head of radio station " have come; Europe plus “ Alexander Polesitsky, actor Evgenie Stychkin with the wife pianist Katya Skanavi, and also Leonid Yarmolnik, Phillip Yankovsky, Ekaterina Rednikova in the company nju - jorkskogo victualer Alexey Panin. To a party oil industry worker Simeon Kukes who was on the display has not reached. At the moment of viewing of a film mister Kukes still was the chairman of the board of Open Company “ YUKOS - Moscow “ and chairman of board of directors NK the YUKOS, and to closing MMKF post has left both these. And here Feodor Bondarchuk`s friend who has executed in “ The “ a role politsaja, it, without any doubt, remained. With some delay in New Tone there has arrived the general director of MMKF Renat Davletjarov with friends - TV presenter Alexander Olejnikovym and singer Olga Orlovoj.
In club “ Chocolate “ there has passed a party devoted the prime minister of one more Russian film - “ The father “. On this project Vladimir Mashkov was both the producer, and the director, and the featured actor. Friends at mister Mashkov it has appeared much. In “ Chocolate “ were - Nikolay Tsiskaridze with Sati Spivakovoj, employees of presidential administration Dzhahan Pollyeva and Natalia Timakova, the former press - Boris Yeltsin Sergey Medvedev`s secretary, director Vadim Abdrashitov. One more producer of a picture, Igor Tolstunov has appeared the first of founders of a film; it has come accompanied by actress Ingeborgi Dapkunajte, TV presenter Michael Shirvindt and general director STS Alexander Rodnjansky. Mister Tolstunov has told to the correspondent that money for so expensive historical film, as “ the Father “ friends of mister Mashkov have given. They, undoubtedly, too were in “ Chocolate “. When mister Mashkov has come to club, the first him has congratulated and the president of festival Nikita Mikhalkov has kissed. Still mister Mikhalkov on which jacket the small sign on an award of the Honourable Legion flaunted, was threw by several words with actor Evgenie Mironov and satirist Michael Zadornov, and then has gone in the VIP - a zone to have supper in Phillip Yankovsky`s companies and the producer Leonid Vereschagin.
on a summer platform “ Galleries “ celebrated Emir Kusturitsu. The double winner of the Cannes festival has interrupted the Parisian tours of the Non Smoking Orcestra to present at festival the new film “ Life is wonderful “ and to win a prize for the contribution to world cinema. On a party the director has come with temperature, but tried to behave easy, and visitors were whispered: “ the Emir was born in socialist country and knows that means it is necessary “. The director has given some interview, has communicated to editors-in-chief of glossy magazines Nikolay Uskov (GQ) and Konstantin Chernozatotsky (Premiere), prokatchikom the film of Milanej Egojan, Dmitry Ashmanom, art - the director of club Zeppelin where mister Kusturitsa acted with a concert couple of years back, and the friend of TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsturidze. Other visitors to come nearer to “ live kusturitse “ have not ventured. To get acquainted with the very tall Yugoslav Michael Khodorkovsky Anton Drel`s lawyer who cannot be carried to shy ten in any way has not dared even. Usual high life, occasionally looking at mister Kusturitsu, lived: TV presenter Peter Fadeev, young directors the Novel of Jumpers, Michael Brashinsky and Phillip Yankovsky, producers Sergey Seljanov, Arsene Gotlib, Jusup Bahshiev and Vadim Sokolovsky, actresses Renata Litvinova and Victoria Tolstoganova, the editor-in-chief of magazine AD Karina Dobrotvorsky, fashion designer Igor Chapurin and singer Ilya Lagutenko. Only modelling businessman Peter Listerman fussed. He wanted to acquaint mister Kusturitsu with Russian models, but and could not make it - the director has arrived with the wife.
mister Kusturitsa has visited also on delivery by award magazine Vogue to the most stylish competitive film restaurant “ Vΰνθλό “ (a prize the director " has received; The “ Dmitry Meshiev). Mister Kusturitsa not for long has stayed on this action. Nikita Mikhalkov has suggested mister Kusturitse to be put to an icon of Tikhvin Divine Mother in a temple of the Christ of the Savior, and two leading slavic directors, having passed the long turn from ordinary believers, have gone to a temple. The editor-in-chief of magazine Vogue of Alain Doletsky has passed the moment when directors have gone to pilgrimage, and very much by this circumstance has been annoyed. But it could have a talk in details with the main star of second half of festival Has measured the Strip which has arrived to receive Stanislavsky`s medal “ I Trust “.
Destinies of the Tikhvin icon and MMKF were unexpectedly crossed and last festival day. Yesterday an icon have brought to the Iversky chapel, and orthodox have passed on Red Square religious procession. And all some hours in GUMe in Bosco - cafe and Bosco - bar have begun later a banquet on 2 thousand the visitors, devoted at once to two events: presentations of new vodka of Rustama Tariko “ Empire “ and to festival closing. To understand that it is more important, vodka or art, in this situation it was impossible. Visitors also did not trouble themselves with they are they drank, had a snack and remembered the best films of the come to the end festival.