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Ilya Lagutenko: I love stories on the verge with a reality

In Timur Bekmambetova`s film Night watch the leader of group " has acted in film; Mummies the Troll ILYA LAGUTENKO. On a role of vampire Andrey and other cinema experiences he was asked by BORIS - DRUMS.
- as you have got to cinema?
- the Theme of my participation in a film has arisen after conversation with Timur Bekmambetovym that it would be quite good to write a song which would reflect here this certain call of the vampire. In the book it is necessary domyslivat that they there hear, in the other world, and at cinema any song supposedly they would be better hear something the, and you while listen to a song. All has ended with that I have played short, but a capacious role. On bolshee I hardly could count, because at all I am not a film actor.
- and Sergey Lukyanenko`s book on which the film is shot, you read?
- Yes, I read it to a film. I love all these stories that Can be... especially, when business occurs on the verge to a reality. I play the young vampire of which has managed to fall in love with the girl and in this connection it should break rules vampirskoj lives. The love appears more strongly, and from - for it all disorders which any villains use begin. As usual happens in such cases, decide to clean superfluous, my character appears it, it in general - that is not guilty, at it love and so on... I should enter single combat with all this patrol... And I them, of course, would win, but at them these magic blasters any there here, and to me this weapon did not give. On me have directed any magic beam, and I had to say goodbye to the further participation in a film.
- and what from songs became?
- the Song is called Go, I will be . Film should show even in the last autumn, but all postponed a premiere, and we have decided that while there all dares with hire, it is possible to execute a song at concerts. Public has apprehended it with the big enthusiasm though did not understand that it and to what.
- Now the majority of fantastic films is under construction by a principle of computer games: fight at different levels, a weapon choice and so on. Night watch it is made under this scheme?
- I had no possibility to familiarise with the scenario. Did not want to do it essentially. To understand, about what it is everything, the book has sufficed me. How much literary basis is transformed in a film, I learn together with other spectators. On a set to me a certain specific target was put. How, for example, to show, what the vampire is enamoured? It seemed to me that it should depart. In the book such was not, but the cinema is all - taki other art.
- in Night watch The action takes place in Moscow. You have a sensation of Moscow as cities in which there are any inexplicable things and the phenomena?
- I could live here at various times. I never considered myself as the Muscovite, I watch Moscow from the point of view of visiting - the visitor, the frequent visitor who for quite some time now here is based more. The set of stories occurs here round me to people, and many of these stories far are not prosy. I would tell that Moscow is romantic and a little magic city.
- you have written music to one film - to a cartoon film neznajka and Barrabass . Same not that Neznajka whom all of us know?
- Yes. It is a film on Anna Hvolson and Palmer Koksa`s fairy tale Surprising adventures of wood little men . neznajka - not quite our character (as well as many other heroes of domestic fairy tales), and pulled as it has appeared, from the Scottish epos. The animated cartoon in itself innovative, it is not similar neither to the Soviet stereotypes, nor on the western analogues. For me personally it something an average between a Japanese and French drawing. We were connected to work when all history, all video series, all characters have already been created. At us were an hour and a half a film which to us needed to be sounded. Founders of a film wanted to distract and from Disney`s standards of soundtracks, and from cine stereotypes. We have begun that some songs have composed, and the soundtrack almost all picture as a result has turned out. Ninety percent of this work it has been made in the co-authorship with Andrey Antontsom known in electronic circles as Android Somebody. It is the music originating in such ambientnom electronoise, but all - taki melodic, adhered to concrete movements on the screen. And I, and following generation of teenagers have grown on the Bremen musicians It is a brilliant picture, but I have decided that children of the XXI-st century need something new, they live in perfect other world, at them other toys, other heroes. In this case our generation is already those who thinks out all this XXI-st century. First we had doubts that children can not understand . This same feeling, as with music, you are frightened that can not understand you. But passes time, and it appears that it not too experimentally and considerably. On the first, trial viewings, according to founders of a film, children madly like music, they podsvistyvajut, echo.
- this music will be published?
- Perhaps, but not in the form of a soundtrack, probably, it will be the DJ - a mix on the basis of tool themes of an animated cartoon.