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Actions Uralsvyazinform have written off to swindlers


Yesterday a press - Open Society service Uralsvyazinform officially declared plunder at the minority shareholder of the company of a share holding in cost $7 million Upon swindle and plunder of actions of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Perm area has already filed criminal charges.
yesterday Uralsvyazinform officially declared plunder at the director of the Perm branch Victor Sanacheva of 0,6 % of ordinary shares of company. As have told in a press - service Uralsvyazinform in February, 2004 unknown persons have made write-off of these actions from the personal account of the shareholder without his permission. it has been made within the limits of a profit, they are written off in favour of the third parties - have informed in a press - company service, but detailed explanations have refused.
by data, plunder was opened at register closing by preparation for annual meeting Uralsvyazinform Which will pass in June of this year. The holder of the register of shareholders of Open Society Uralsvyazinform the specialised registrar - Joint-Stock Company " acted; the Registrar - Communication (Moscow). Signalmen assert that illegal write-off of securities has been made through a transfer - agency point of Joint-Stock Company Conducting registers of the companies (VRK).
However it categorically denies management VRK. we did not bring changes in the register of shareholders, we actually carried out a mail box role - general director VRK Sergey Lappo has declared. As he said, the person has come to the Perm branch with the power of attorney and notarially certified package of documents where including there was a transfer order on write-off of these actions. we have transferred them to Moscow in Joint-Stock Company ` the Registrar - Communication ` where, most likely, and have been made entering into the register of shareholders - he has informed. Mister Lappo also has underlined that at a transfer - the agent is not present the rights to check the documents assured by the notary.
in Joint-Stock Company the Registrar - Communication comments have refused. now the investigation is carried on (one of these days the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Perm area has filed criminal charges upon swindle and plunder of actions. - ), and before its end we cannot give any information - the first deputy of the general director of the registrar Ivan Maksimov has declared to the correspondent.
will watch succession of events.