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Shamilja Basayev`s helpers search in militia

for investigation

Operatively - an investigation team investigating an attack of insurgents to Ingushetia, has detained more than 100 persons. However charges are shown only to seven from them. Besides, the consequence intends to find out, why the Ingush agents of national security could not prevent an attack and have allowed insurgents to disappear.
as the source in operatively - an investigatory brigade has told, in the near future from the big business about act of terrorism in Ingushetia can be allocated in separate manufacture has put in the relation of local agents of national security.
- understand, we do not search extreme in this history, - the interlocutor in North Caucasian management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has noted, - simply we want to understand, why so has occurred. Whether was treachery from some pravoohranitelej why on the numerous doctrines spent in region, military men, frontier guards and militia and have not fulfilled the interaction scheme among themselves in case of occurrence of emergency situations. While it is a lot of questions, and answers to them are not present.
the Ingush agents of national security, seemingly, try to shift responsibility against each other. At the operative meeting which was passing in Magase on Saturday, the deputy chief of republic UFSB Andrey Konin has told that activization of insurgents in Ingushetia was observed within May - June, and already then analysts of management assumed that scale performance can follow small acts of terrorism and diversions. According to the mister of Konin, about a preparing attack on June, 21st security officers knew approximately for half an hour to it. The person on duty on UFSB has there and then informed on it frontier guards, militia and internal troops. However, Andrey Konin confirms, at them at all did not declare alarm. In the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs declare that to them of any telephone messages with preventions did not arrive:
- If we knew, unless would admit slaughter? It at them (security officers. - ) so it is accepted - hardly that to translate arrows on others, - one of heads of the ministry, asked not to name his name has noted. - after business about an attack have transferred from republic Office of Public Prosecutor in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, at us here strange things are created: one careless word - also you can get in werewolves.
meanwhile, having used dismantlings between agents of national security, terrorists have tried to attack already republic Magas capital. On Saturday on suburb of a city employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had been found out four anti-tank rocket complexes the Bassoon induced towards president residence Murada Zjazikova. Bassoons have been stolen from militian warehouses in Karabulake in night of an attack. Who was going to use them, it is not known. Nobody has got to the militian ambush left near complexes.
yesterday Murad Zjazikov perfectly understanding that finding-out of relations between departments and so the weakened losses in what good will not result, has demanded from agents of national security to stop public discussions on this theme. statements that someone had the anticipatory information on preparing diversion of insurgents and reported this information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, do not represent the facts - the president " has declared; to Interfax having offered employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and UFSB usilis work on search of insurgents.
actually, working in the strengthened mode since June, 22nd, those and so already have detained more than 100 persons. Basically detention have been spent in a course zachistok settlements Ali - Yurtas and checks of camps of refugees. However under guards now there are only 20 suspects, charges are shown only seven of them. As it became known, the majority of arrested persons - insurgents of the Chechen field commander to Dock Umarova. Its head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Alu Alhanov considers as the organizer of an attack to Ingushetia. the general management of operation carried out Shamil Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov, - general Alhanov has declared. - And Umarov and Magomed Evloev (Magas) directly ordered forces of insurgents .