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Sailor`s silence the fireworks roar

has broken Defendant Khodorkovsky have congratulated at prison walls

On Saturday at a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin some tens employees of fund Open Russia and active workers - legal experts congratulated the former head of the company Michael Khodorkovsky`s who is in a pre-trial detention centre YUKOS, happy birthday. Sailor`s Tishin`s street was decorated with balloons, and with walls and prison lattices - teddy bears. Gathered sang, arranged fireworks and in general strongly rustled, but the pre-trial detention centre administration has not reacted to it, and the birthday man, most likely, from the chamber and has not heard congratulations.
employees of fund Open Russia Created by Michael Khodorkovsky, and its lawyer Karina Moskalenko have appeared in the street Sailor`s Tishin about ten o`clock in the morning, to pleasure of numerous relatives of the women under investigation who are standing in a queue at a prison checkpoint with transfers and requests for appointments. children, at me, probably, a little squirrel! - the drunk lady shouted, pointing a finger at the person in a suit of the bear dancing on proezzhej of a part. The person - a bear sang in the meantime to the guitar Happy birthday to you and other participants of action hung up between trees the big extension Misha, happy birthday! . Having made a noise and having shouted, employees Open Russia have let out in the sky 41 (on number of years of the birthday man) a white pigeon (birds at once settle on eaves of prison windows) and have quickly dispersed, having conceded street to other group congratulating - to two tens young men in vests with inscriptions Freedom MBH and to active workers of remedial group Conscience created specially for Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev`s public support. Their procession headed were the director of programs Open Russia and nowadays one of Irina Khakamada`s party leaders Free Russia Marina Litvinovich. In hands colleagues of madam Litvinovich had portraits of mister Khodorkovsky, posters with a teddy bear and the signature the Bear, keep and sheaves of balloons.
having shouted before a prison checkpoint we Congratulate Michael! participants of ceremony have started to drink champagne, having a snack conceptual sweets the Bear clumsy . Again sang Happy birthday to you have then arranged fireworks. Noise stood strong, but nobody left prison gate to put things in order, and two soldiers GUINa which is on duty at an input in a pre-trial detention centre, have in a pointed manner turned away from visitors. we do not support your belief - one of soldiers has told to the correspondent. Participants of the action argued in the meantime, whether their birthday man hears. does not hear, - one girl with skill spoke. - it in spetsbloke, it in a court yard . But after all to it somebody will tell! - another confidently answered. we will tell, we will necessarily tell - its unshaven man has assured of a jumpsuit, come to prison to visit the friend who is here for any nonsense . And it is possible for me Khodorkovsky`s two portraits? For me and for my girl - the man has asked. To it a distance two portraits.
when all champagne has been already drunk, Marina Litvinovich has hung up on a bulletin board before a checkpoint and on lattices of a semibasement floor of prison some small teddy bears and is yellow - green (colours of YUKOS) ribbons. People from turn have immediately started to unstick bear cubs for memory. Two girls in vests Freedom MBH Have expressed readiness to remain with prison to protect bear cubs. The others have dispersed.