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Week without colours

has begun at the initiative of Rosvetnadzora
a flower market

From now on Russia enters a temporary restriction for import pottery and cut flowers from the Netherlands. Such decision was accepted on Friday Federal Agency of veterinary and fytosanitory control (Rosvetnadzor). In this connection the largest suppliers of colours from the Netherlands have spent yesterday to Russia in Moscow an emergency meeting following the results of which ascertained: if quarantine operates at least week, import flowers will disappear from sale.
by various estimations, the volume of a retail flower market in Russia makes about $1,2 billion About $500 - 700 million is necessary to Moscow. The import volume makes about 80 % of all flower market. Almost all flowers are delivered to Russia from the Netherlands. Even grown up in Israel, Ecuador and Colombia (the largest manufacturers of colours) plants are bought by suppliers at the Dutch stock exchange.
the emergency meeting of Noncommercial partnership of importers of colours (it includes eight largest companies - importers who supervise 10 % of the flower market) Yesterday has taken place. At meeting the situation which has arisen in connection with an interdiction for flowers import from the Netherlands was discussed. Such decision was accepted because last week in party from 7,5 thousand colours in the pots put by Dutch firm Baardse B V. to Open Company Samson (Krasnodar), at quarantine examination has been revealed the dangerous wrecker - western (Californian) flower trips (wrote about it on June, 26th).
As have informed in regional boundary State inspection on quarantine of plants, it not the first case when with import colours to Kuban it is delivered also Californian trips. For the first time it have found out in 2001 but then it there were single instances - 2 - 3 % from the general flowers delivery. Today the quantity of the infected plants sometimes reaches 70 % from all volume of import.
According to representatives of Noncommercial partnership of importers of colours, the decision of Rosvetnadzora will turn back crisis of the flower market. Stocks dealers will have enough maximum for a week then import flowers from sale will disappear, and local will sharply rise in price. while we do not know that to us to do, - Lyudmila Verenchikova has declared the chief executive of Noncommercial partnership of importers of colours. - Any official decisions neither we, nor our Dutch partners yet did not see. When to us declare an interdiction officially, we intend to address in the Ministry of Agriculture (Rosvetnadzor is in direct submission of the Ministry of Agriculture. - ). Anyway this wrong decision because from tripsa nobody is insured. And to forbid import of all colours without grounds it is impossible .
Importers count that after a while the interdiction will be removed after revealing of a source of infection (anyway so operated the Ministry of Agriculture in a case with infected chicken okorochkami). Rosvetnadzor has already sent to embassy of the Netherlands to Russia the letter in which informs on detection of the infected party of colours and asks to give the exhaustive information that will be made for prevention of the cases similar to volume that has occurred in Krasnodar. As head Rosvetnadzora Sergey Dankvert has underlined, restrictions will operate before acceptance of necessary measures by the authorities of the Netherlands on maintenance of fytosanitory well-being of colours shipped to Russia . While the service stops delivery of quarantine import licences in the Russian Federation of colours from the Netherlands and cancels earlier given out permissions.