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Tennis has returned to England


Yesterday instead of the traditional day off on Wimbledon games went on all courts and almost without breaks: before two game days of tournament have been completely broken from - for a rain. However, the rough rhythm of competitions has not affected at all an alignment of forces - favourites regularly pass further. Among them and Nadezhda Petrova who has left already in the fourth circle.
for all history Wimbledon it only the third case when the day off is cancelled. The public who has bored stiff two day with enthusiasm has filled tribunes on a match vseanglijskogo favourite Tima Henmena against Hishama Arazi. And still the pair of thousand the persons, wishing to get on a match, and remained with an input on stadium.
those who has got on game, for certain have not regretted about it. The match, maybe, also was not ideal from the point of view of tennis as games, but here an intrigue, pressure to it will not refuse. Tim Henmen in the corporate style as if specially, constantly released the contender forward that then under a deafening applause to catch up with it. In all four parties the Englishman invariably gave the first the giving. To recoup it has not turned out only once - in the third set. game, of course, has turned out rough. It would be necessary to me to try to be stabler. And so Arazi constantly used recessions in my game. From here and these breaks - has told later Tim Henmen.
After game by the basic theme for conversations there was a match which has not come to the end just, and coming. And it is logical enough if to consider that Timu Henmenu now it is necessary to measure swords with the finalist of last year`s tournament Mark Filippussisom. This year the Australian acted absolutely unpersuasively, without having managed to win after Australian Open any match. With such indicators from it did not expect the big successes in England, but as it was found out, from accounts all - taki have written off early. The claims if not on a title at least on an exit in a semi-final Mark Filippussis has confirmed, easily enough having beaten Fernando Gonsalesa. Unless in the third set on court there was an equal struggle. And that, the Australian be more successful, he could and win thaw - a party break. However, it has issued a victory a set later. Against Tima if I want to win, it is necessary to play all - taki more powerfully. Here he feels where more confidently, than on other tournaments and consequently I wait for game with some opaskoj - Mark Filippussis admitted.
Results of matches in female tournament practically entirely correspond to an alignment of forces reflected in rating WTA. It has turned out even as - that boringly. Jennifer Kapriati in a meeting with Natali Deshi only had in the beginning small problems. And then simply exhausted the competitor on court and has taken one more step to expected opposition with Serenoj Williams in a quarterfinal. However, to begin with she should play with Nadezhda Petrova who has beaten out from competitions Tatyana Perebijnis. And now it is difficult enough to predict an outcome of a match of Kapriati - Petrov. Statistics of personal meetings - 2:1 in favour of the American. But last time these tennis-players met more year back - on Roland Garros - 2003 and then the Russian has won. Though also it by and large does not give the grounds for the certain forecast. All - taki a ground of the open championship of France and grass Wimbledon - too different coverings.