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the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation has held the first meeting with representatives of the oil companies owning licences for large oil and gas deposits, but not developing them. The first concerning licences with minister Yury Trutnev LUKOIL, YUKOS and Shell spoke. Results of a meeting are unfavourable for oil industry workers: on discussed deposits the additional agreements toughening the obligations of the companies will be signed, and on Salymsky group of deposits (Shell) MPR intend to initiate additional trial.
on June, 16th told that MPR has begun check of licence agreements on ten largest Russian oil fields and gas which are not developed till now. On Friday in MPR representatives Salym Petroleum Development (SPD, shareholders - Shell and NK " have been caused; Evihon ; owns the licence for Salymsky group of deposits), LUKOIL (Inzyrejsky and Southern - Hylchujusky deposits) and YUKOS (Tersko - Kamovsky group of deposits).
discussion of Tersko - Kamovsky group was the shortest. The basic claim MPR on it - default of the plan of prospecting works (now they are spent only on 50 % in comparison with the schedule specified in the licence). Representatives of YUKOS have explained it complexity of a geological picture of a deposit and failures of geologists. In the answer representatives MPR have cited as an example Slavneft working in several tens kilometres from YUKOS and not having similar problems. As a result the YUKOS has agreed to sign within three months of addition to the licence, concretising terms of searches of oil on Tersko - Kamovsky deposits, and to direct on them the best experts from the Samara prospecting expedition. If they cannot find oil, the YUKOS is ready to hand over the licence to the state voluntary.
LUKOIL also had to take the obligation to sign during two months the additional agreement on two deposits, but at it the situation is easier. On the Inzyrejsky deposit of claims at MPR practically is not present. The licence on Southern - the Hylchujusky deposit, given out LUKOIL - Arhangelskgeologodobyche (AGD) in 1993, according to representative MPR, was actually a blank leaf . So, term of the beginning of extraction on a deposit is specified as 2005 - 2007. The head of department nedropolzovanija LUKOIL Sergey Siryk representing the company at session, has declared that LUKOIL is ready to renew this licence. In the new licence agreement the company will incur obligations till 2007 to complete the oil pipeline from a deposit to port Varandej, and also to expand its transshipment capacities to 12 million t in a year. Both projects in the sum will cost to LUKOIL 15 mlrd rbl.
the Most difficult there was a discussion of Salymsky group. SPD the vice-president on communications with the governmental organisations of office Shell on Russia and the CIS Oleg Rumjantsev represented. After a meeting with officials he has declared: it is very good that possibility effectively has been presented us to report to a new command of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources about the work done by us . Representative Shell at session did not hide that the company in infringement of conditions of the licence did not develop nine years a deposit as expected signing SRP on Salymsky group. Only when necessity to develop it in a usual mode became obvious, the decision on investments was accepted.
by data, on the eve of meeting SPD has already prepared the project of additions to the licence agreement on Salymu. As a result Yury Trutnev has disposed to give out to representative SPD the notice on elimination of infringements of the operating licence for Salymsky group, and the project of additions to sign in three-monthly term, but only after their additional audit in Federal Agency of supervision in wildlife management sphere.
according to anonymous representatives Shell, the minister excludes licence withdrawal possibility on Salym. Head a press - services MPR Rinat Gizatulin has declared: We also were not going to withdraw the licence. To us it is important, that on discussed deposits work, and this condition of preservation of the licences, provided by the law " has begun;. As he said, the ministry estimates meeting results positively: All representatives of the oil companies behaved very adequately. All understand that revision of conditions of the licence agreements signed till 2000, is necessary .
While it is possible to tell that three deposits - Inzyrejsky, Southern - Hylchujusky and Tersko - Kamovsky group - remain in hands of their owners, Salymsky group on - former in doubt. Destiny of six more deposits - Kovyktinsky, Verhnechonsky, Talakansky, Shtokmanovsky, Vankorsky and the project Sakhalin - 1 - will dare MPR this week. At meetings at Yury Trutnev representatives " will report; Surgutneftegaz Rosneft Gazprom the multinational corporation - VR and ExxonMobil. Will watch succession of events.