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Football players of a national team have awarded on a path

the European championship on football - 2004

Tomorrow in 10 mornings from airport Vnukovo a charter Russian national team takes off for Portugal on the European championship on football. Yesterday on base in the Pine forest the command management suited an open day.
two years ago before the World championship in Japan and Korea already there was something similar but then was more semi-official organ, to the Pine forest there came even the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. This time all has been arranged on - family. Nobody felt the stranger - neither players, nor visitors (journalists, sponsors, relatives of football players).
Without an official part nevertheless has not managed. Speeches - truth, short - before gathered were said by the president of the Russian football union Vyacheslav Koloskov, the head of Federal agency of physical training and sports Vyacheslav Fetisov and the head coach of a national team George Jartsev.
Mister Koloskov has compared an open day to wires in army, having specified: We see off our command, of course, not on front, but fights to it are coming in Portugal serious. And in them will be necessary both courage, and firmness . Mister Fetisov has wished modular endurance and good luck. George Jartsev has finished the performance by such words: it would be now wrong to Promise and swear. But a measure of responsibility which lies on us, we understand .
the official part - under a burst of applause gathered - delivery of awards Has come to the end. Most of all them has got to the hero of the recent ending of League of champions to halfback Porto Dmitry Alenichev. It has received a commemorative medal of Goskomsporta, an award of the Olympic committee of Russia, the certificate of the deserved master of sports and a memorable plate for fifty matches played for a national team.
after that discussion of problems of a national team has begun. Predictably, a press - conference George Jartsev has begun with a sick theme for it - defences. The protective line always inspired also to us, to trainers, and you, journalists, anxiety, - he has noted, - and here still we have received such serious blow in last round - Andrey Solomatina, Victor Onopko and Sergey Ignashevicha`s traumas. But youth which has replaced them, I consider, in last matches has proved not bad. Yes, it, maybe, yet does not hold out on level of skill to veterans, but it is ambitious and vigorous. Ahead at us still ten days to correct all lacks and to adjust mutual understanding in defence. Besides, there is still a hope that there will be in a system Dmitry Sennikov who already trains at the full capacity . Among other problems of a command George Jartsev named the suppressed psychological condition which has arisen after the lost cup-final of Russia at players Krylja Sovetov Alexander Anjukova and Andrey Karjaki, and also the unsatisfactory form of some those football players who set the fashion in game in the modular autumn. But besides he has declared that these complexities are quite removable. Has finished a press - conference George Jartsev on the optimistic note: the national team, probably, during the last years did not have for the first time organizational problems. Conditions for preparation have been created almost ideal. So now all depends only on a command .
As to players not all of them were so are frank, as their head coach. It is a little closed kept young - Marat Izmaylov, Dmitry Sychev, Alexander Anjukov. Andrey Karjaka opened for the press has unexpectedly refused interview always. Veterans supported the general unchained atmosphere basically.
in the evening after visitors have parted, Russian national team has spent last training on the native earth, and then has begun to pack suitcases.