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“ It will be a typical criminal act “

Yesterday the mayoralty of Zheleznogorsk has brought for discussion of deputies of the City Council the new offer on “ to rescue “ MT “ the Trading house “Pishchekombinat“ “ being in a crisis state. For this purpose vitse - the mayor on economic development Vladimir Shalaginov has suggested to allocate from the budget of 15 million roubles for increase in its authorised capital stock, and property of the trading house “ to deduce in treasury “ - on a case “ a swagger - major circumstances “. The head of the deputy commission of the property Alexey Kulesh on it has noticed that the conclusion of property with predbankrotnogo the enterprises - penal act, and has assured that the one who will sign such papers, “ will sign to itself term “. The City Council could not develop a common opinion, and experts consider that such scheme is really similar to attempt of deliberate bankruptcy. Yesterday at joint session of the deputy commissions on the property and the budget vitse - the mayor of Zheleznogorsk on economic development Vladimir Shalaginov declared that the director “ Pishchekombinata “ Alexander Drozdov holding this post since March, 2005, will leave the armchair since March, 31st of this year. vitse - the mayor has accused the director in “ poor control “. However two weeks ago the head of Zheleznogorsk Gennady Bahovtsev has informed that “ under the unchecked data “ the director “ Pishchekombinata “ “ was engaged in purchases at inflated prices “ also has promised that “ all pluses and minuses will be opened with auditor check “ (under data „“, it has begun on “ Pishchekombinate “ yesterday).

MT “ the Trading house “Pishchekombinat“ “ (personal computer) it is based in 1999. Into its structure enter a bakery and molokozavod. By July, 2005 personal computer actives were estimated in 42 million roubles while debts made 15 million roubles. For February, 1st, 2006 residual cost of actives has fallen to 31,7 million roubles. The total debts of the enterprise are estimated in 28,4 million roubles and monthly increase by 700 thousand roubles. At the moment accounts “ Pishchekombinata “ on request of tax inspection are arrested, and also the ban for transactions with real estate and the enterprise equipment is imposed. The present director “ Pishchekombinata “ Alexander Drozdov heads the trading house since March, 2005. Vladimir Shalaginov has declared that the administration develops the program of actions which is capable to reanimate the trading house. According to it, it is necessary to allocate from city budget of 15 million roubles for increase in an authorised capital stock of the enterprise. “ then the property of factories will be deduced in treasury to secure a property complex from a swagger - major circumstances “ - Vladimir Shalaginov has informed. Also has explained that under “ property “ the equipment molokozavoda and a part of the equipment of a bakery which will give the chance to continue a bread batch is meant.

however the idea of assignment predbankrotnomu to the enterprise at all has not pleased deputies. Member of parliament Alexander Gerasin has declared that the City Council “ can give money in anywhere “ and the enterprise all the same will go bankrupt. The chairman of the budgetary commission Anatoly Konovalov has reminded colleagues that it will be possible to take money only from so-called “ development programs “ on which after that “ it will be possible to give up as a bad job “. So, he has added, the city remains without a number social, including mortgage, programs.

but the head of the commission of the property Alexey Kulesh has most sharply expressed. “ The conclusion of property from the enterprise for half a year to the announcement of the company the bankrupt is a penal act, - mister Kulesh has warned officials. - And the one who after Drozdova will sign these papers, will sign to itself(himself) term. In the same way, as well as the proprietor - KUMI (committee on management of municipal property. - „“). You are ready to it? “

the assistant to head KUMI Natalia Dedova has objected that the proprietor before to make the decision on a property conclusion in treasury, “ will consider a net wealth “. “ Also will deduce only that property which will exceed them “ - she has noticed. “ it is all it is already counted “ - has supported madam Dedovu Vladimir Shalaginov. vitse - the mayor has once again addressed to deputies with an appeal to confirm the program offered by administration. Having promised otherwise inevitable bankruptcy “ Pishchekombinata “ in the nearest future.

“ If we do not undertake any actions, a bakery building (it already is in custody. - „“) it will be sold, - mister Shalaginov has noticed. - And trace process of a presentation of requirements by other creditors " will go;. Come to the general opinion deputies of the City Council could not: resolve this question session of the City Council which will pass on March, 2nd can only.

at competitive operating other Zheleznogorsk enterprise - SPAO “ Sibhimstroj “ - Vyacheslav Lapenkova the anti-recessionary program of the mayoralty has caused bewilderment. “ a property conclusion - the bilaterial transaction concluded by the director of the enterprise and KUMI in consent. If after this transaction it will be established that solvency of the enterprise is broken, the director will go to prison, it will be a typical criminal act. And in this case it will be broken almost for certain “ - he has declared.