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Guilty of Alexander Lebedja`s destruction the pilot left on freedom

Yesterday court of Sverdlovsk area of Krasnoyarsk has made the decision about conditional - an early release of Tahira Ahmerova - the pilot operating helicopter MI - on April, 8 28th, 2002 at the moment of the failure which have carried away lives of 8 persons, including the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Lebedja. The pilot who has been sentenced in January, 2004 to four years of imprisonment in a colony - settlement, have released on a state of health. However mister Ahmerov plans to return again after clearing to flights. The judgement was announced to journalists by Tahir Ahmerov, having left colony territory where took place judicial session. As he said, court, considering the application on an early release which was submitted by condemned Ahmerov in January of this year, has taken into consideration a state of his health and behaviour, crime severity level. However the pilot was pleased even with such decision. on April, 28th my life has broken. I have lost favourite work. Therefore to rejoice to me there is especially nothing - has declared Tahir Ahmerov. Last month condemned has spent with native - having considered behaviour and a state of health of the pilot (as a result of failure it became the invalid 2 - j groups), the colony management has allowed it to use the right to serve time at home that in practice occurs extremely seldom.

mister Ahmerov fulfilled duties of the checking pilot in helicopter MI crew - 8 which carried on April, 28th, 2002 the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Lebedja from Krasnoyarsk in Ermakovsky area. In total onboard the helicopter was 17 more person. In the conditions of low visibility the helicopter was hooked for a high-voltage transmission line and has failed on the earth. As a result of failure 8 persons, including governor Alexander Lebed, its assistant Nadezhda Kolba, the head of Ermakovsky area Vasily Rogovoj and five more person were lost.

by the Judgement of Tahir Ahmerov and the commander of crew of the helicopter Alexey Kurilovich in January, 2004 have been condemned under item 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Infringement of safety rules of the movement, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons ) . The commander of crew has been condemned for three years conditionally, and the pilot - for four years, with serving in a colony - settlement in territory of Krasnoyarsk. More strict sentence of Tahiru Ahmerovu is caused by what it operated helicopter at the moment of failure. As have explained in a press - central administrative board FSIN service across Krasnoyarsk region, Tahir Ahmerov which crime concerns the third severity level, has the right to reduction of half of term of punishment defined by court. From four-year term the pilot of the governor`s helicopter has by this time stayed two years.

the lawyer Elena Evmenova protecting pilots, considers that the sentence which has been taken out two years ago, was unfairly rigid. I consider that the court has not considered technical maintenance of work of pilots - for example, they had only old district maps. There are problems in the flight organisation - she has declared.

As has told Tahir Ahmerov, in a colony it, being the pensioner and the invalid, could use the right not to work. but at me character not such, I cannot sit and to do nothing - he has told. The former pilot as the driver carried in the airport and back pilots of the helicopter belonging FSIN across Krasnoyarsk region. I with them studied, worked, children acquaintances - the pilot has noted. According to mister Ahmerova, further it plans to return to flights. However before it he intends to be engaged in recovery of health: now it should pass some operations caused by consequences of accident of the helicopter.