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Leh Kachinsky has arrived Yesterday with two-day visit to Kiev and has met there the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko. At the airport the mister Kachinsky has declared to journalists that relations with Ukraine - one of the basic directions of the Polish foreign policy. Poland actively supports aspiration of Ukraine to enter the NATO by 2008, and subsequently and in the European Union. According to Leha Kachinsky, independent Poland is impossible without free Ukraine, therefore we are interested in political well-being and economic prosperity of this country . Power safety of two countries became one of the main themes of negotiations. Presidents have discussed gas dispute with Russia in which result deliveries of gas to Ukraine have been reduced, on whose territory gas transit to Europe is carried out. For the purpose of prevention of failures in gas deliveries Warsaw acts as the initiator of the contract on guarantees of maintenance of power deliveries in EU. Representatives of two countries have discussed also prospects of completion of the oil pipeline Fords - Plock. Today Leh Kachinsky will visit Kharkov.

have passed negotiations on a situation in Dnestr region
Yesterday in Tiraspol the next two-day round of negotiations on settlement of the Dnestr conflict has come to the end. Negotiations have begun on February, 27th in Kishinev and passed in a traditional format 5+2 : Dnestr region, Moldova, OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, the USA and the European Union. The parties have discussed economic relations between Moldova and not recognised Dnestr region, plans of work of estimated mission in Dnestr region, control over activity local military - the industrial enterprises and a situation in a safety zone. The greatest disagreements were caused by a question on a new order of transit of the goods through pridnestrovsko - the Ukrainian border. Moldavian peregovorshchiki demand from Ukraine of performance of last year`s arrangements on the admission of the goods in Dnestr region and from it only under customs documents of Moldova. The unrecognized republic authorities consider these rules as the form of economic blockade. The head of the Dnestr Ministry of Foreign Affairs Valery Litskaj has accused the minister reintegratsii Moldova Vasily Shovu of inability independently to solve existing problems in relations with Tiraspol. The Dnestr delegation has suggested to renew activity of working groups on economic problems. This initiative has found support at intermediaries from Russia and Ukraine. The Moldavian delegation has acted categorically against, including such mechanism as attempt to tighten a solution of a problem.

George Bush makes tour across Southern Asia
Today official visit of US president George Bush to India - the first during its presidency begins. At negotiations in Delhi, and then in Islamabad where the American leader also will go, he intends to call India and Pakistan for a resolution of dispute round Kashmir. I consider that the long-term decision of this problem " can be found; - head of the White house on the eve of the tour has declared. During visit to India mister Bush also will hold a meeting with heads of the leading American and Indian companies on which will try to eliminate obstacles in development of trade relations. Besides, the parties plan to enter into the agreement in the field of peace use of atom.

in connection with arrival of the honoured guest to India unprecedented security measures are accepted. They are connected, in particular, with numerous performances of the Indian Moslems against visit of the American president. Special alarm the trip of mister Bush planned for March, 3rd to Haberabad thereupon causes, one of the centres of the industry of information technology. Moslems make approximately 40 % from the seven-million population of a city, and the Antiamerican moods here are especially strong.

It is expected that on Saturday George Bush will arrive to Pakistan. As the American leader has declared, during this trip he wants to let know pakistantsam that the American people care of them . The day before also there were messages about possible blitsvizite mister Bush to Afghanistan, however while this information remained not confirmed.