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Yesterday and. The island of the prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert has held the special session devoted to relations with Russia. As an occasion visit beginning on Friday to Moscow leaders of the Palestinian radical movement " has served; Hamas . Experts doubt that as a result of negotiations hamasovtsy will go on softening of the position. And though yesterday Israel has refrained from acceptance of sharp statements to Russia, relations with the Jewish state Moscow, apparently, has fine spoilt. At least, as it became known, chapter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel of Tzipi Livni has cancelled the visit to Russia.
session of the Israeli government
the Question on relations with Russia has been brought in the summons of session of the Israeli government not for the first time in recent years. In the beginning of January, 2005 the office already had to gather for an emergency meeting to discuss, how to react to the decision of Moscow to sell Syria large lot of the rocket weapon.

This time the session devoted to unfriendly actions Russia, for lack of patient Ariel Sharon has called and. An island of the prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert. Representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs have taken part In discussion led by Tzipi Livni`s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence Shaul Mofaz, representatives of high rank of special services, and also the head of Security Council of Israel the general of a stock of Gijora Ajlend. Its department is responsible for preparation of analytical materials and search of the decision of the major problems rising before the Jewish state. Mister Ajlend has acted yesterday as the first.

having depicted the basic aspects and a problematics Russian - the Israeli relations, it has focused the performance on two basic questions - forthcoming visit of leaders Hamas to Moscow and the actions of Russia directed on the decision of the Iranian nuclear problem. Both that and another causes aversion in Israel. Here consider that in a case with Teheran Moscow allows to cheat itself. Despite initiatives offered by the Russian side on an overcoming the crisis, Iran is occupied only by a tightening of time which, apparently, is necessary for it for creation of the nuclear weapon (see p. 10). As a result Moscow actually indulges a mode openly declaring intention to destroy Israel.

history with the invitation president Vladimir Putin of a management Hamas to Moscow has caused in Israel not smaller irritation. Since that day when radicals have won on January parliamentary elections Palestin, Israel and Near-Eastern a quartet (Russia, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations) have agreed not to recognise a new management of Palestinian autonomy. In Israel counted that, it having appeared in the international isolation and having lost financial grants of the West, Hamas In the face of inevitable growth of discontent of the people it will be compelled to fulfil world community requirements. Namely recognises the Jewish state and will refuse terror.

Russia the invitation, as a matter of fact, has broken through preparing international isolation of radicals. After Moscow about possibility of dialogue with Hamas the president of France Jacque Chirac, prime ministers of Turkey and Italy have exorcised Redzhep Tajip Erdogan and Silvio Berlusconi. On Monday the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan has noticed that in the history there were cases when extremists, coming to power in result of democratic elections, refused violent methods of struggle and became normal political force. Thereby and the United Nations - one more participant a quartet - has actually supported possibility of dialogue with the Palestinian radicals. This very day the European Union has made the decision on transfer of $143 million into autonomy accounts, having buried idea about financial blockade of Palestin.

The government of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin spends last months an independent political line in the Near East and tries to separate from positions of the USA and the European Union - the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has written yesterday. Some Israeli politicians suggested to punish Moscow. One of leaders of centrist party Kadima the minister of transport and simultaneously Minister of Education Meir Shitrit named the Moscow invitation a knife in a back of Israel also has declared that at a similar position Russia hardly can continue to play a role of the intermediary in palestino - the Israeli conflict.

however when the anger of Israel has ceased, in the corridors of power discussion about what should be reaction to the initiative of Moscow has begun. Two points of view prevailed. One suggested to continue the public criticism of the Russian policy to prevent effect of a snow clod which will lead to definitive break of blockade Hamas . Others declared that open confrontation with Moscow will not bring essential results. it is necessary to wait visit hamasovtsev to Moscow and to look, as Russia will lead. Whether she will adhere to the conditions formulated Near-Eastern ` by a quartet ` - supporters of this point of view convinced. It, under the information, also has prevailed during session of the Israeli government.

according to observers, such decision of an office was affected also by internal political reasons. On the threshold of March parliamentary elections nobody wants to spoil relations with Russian-speaking voters who make 20 % of the Israeli electorate and for which normal relations with Russia are extremely important. Ehud Olmert who will move on elections centrist party Kadima could not ignore this circumstance.

In the statement following the results of session it is told that Russia - the important partner of Israel with which it is necessary to develop relations and to search for mutually acceptable ways of the decision of questions. As has informed during meeting of Ehud Olmert, one of these days it has received from the president of the Russian Federation certain positive assurances . In opinion and. The island of the prime minister, it testifies that Vladimir Putin - the friend of Israel and not begins to operate against the Jewish state.

moreover, under the information, during yesterday`s meeting in Jerusalem the idea of an establishment of confidential contacts to Moscow was discussed so that operatively and first-hand to receive the information on dialogue with Hamas . It is quite logical - time was not possible to cancel visit, it is necessary to try to exploit it.

Hamas goes to Moscow
However, hopes of a favorable outcome of visit of delegation Hamas to Moscow are smallest. The Palestinian radicals go to the Russian capital with obvious intention to show a flag, but not to change principles. Throughout almost 20 years of existence Hamas called for destruction of Israel, and suddenly to refuse it radicals are not ready.

apparently, realise it and in Moscow. By data, main peregovorshchik from the Russian side zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Saltanov will convince Palestinians at least to soften positions. At the final stage of negotiations Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov will be connected to it.

first of all the Russian side will try to force a management Hamas to satisfy a condition Near-Eastern a quartet . In an exchange financial support will be promised to Palestinians from the West. At least, Moscow is ready to use the best efforts to convince EU and the USA to continue to allocate money for needs of an autonomy and after formed Hamas The government will start to work. Russia is ready to give to Palestin of $10 million as the humanitarian help. By data, neither 50 armoured troop-carriers, nor helicopters for a management of an autonomy which Vladimir Putin promised in due time to Palestinians, Hamas will not receive under no circumstances. Moscow will carry out these deliveries only with the consent of Israel.

it is curious that a management Hamas insisted at the highest level reception in Moscow. Palestinians counted that Haleda Mashalja of signs in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin. Otherwise they threatened to lower the delegation status. Moscow has not told to Palestinians neither yes nor is not present . So the head of the Political bureau Hamas will demand for certain to bring it to the Kremlin. However he can see Vladimir Putin only in the event that in Moscow the Palestinian radicals will publicly promise to go at least on any concessions.