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The Office of Public Prosecutor attacked a site of legal experts

Yesterday legal experts from a society the Memorial have declared that the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow has suspected them of popularisation of Islamic extremism. The publication on a site " became an occasion to official public prosecutor`s caution; the Memorial the expert judgement on ideology of the Islamic movement forbidden in Russia Hizb - ut - Tahrir . Legal experts named actions of Office of Public Prosecutor a new stage of pressure of the authorities on NKO also have declared intention to appeal against against them in court.
caution about inadmissibility of infringement by a society the Memorial the federal law About counteraction of extremist activity has signed the first zamprokurora Moscow Sergey Lapin. The expert judgement on an ideological platform of the radical Islamic movement forbidden in Russia " became an occasion to its removal; Hizb - ut - Tahrir . It has been written by the co-chairman of Council of muftis of Russia Nafigulloj Ashirovym and published on a site the Memorial . The Office of Public Prosecutor has ordered the judicial socially - psychological examination, but already the text of mister Ashirova, also has come to a conclusion that that meaningly uses the religious authority on political ends also promotes popularisation of ideas of this organisation. mosgorprokuratura has demanded in three-day term to remove the text of mister Ashirova from a site.

the conclusion about ideology Hizb - ut - Tahrir it has been written by mister Ashirovym at the desire of legal experts after law enforcement bodies in 2004 have raised tens criminal cases against participants of movement. Them accused of the organisation of activity of the extremist organisation (item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and in the organisation of criminal community (item 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). By data the Memorial on affairs Hizb - ut - Tahrir 17 sentences are taken out, 46 persons are condemned, and 29 from them have received real terms (the maximum has made 8,5 years). About ten affairs are in manufacture. Having analysed the maintenance of brochures Hizb - ut - Tahrir Nafigulla Ashirov has come to a conclusion that in them there are no appeals to violence or power overthrow, and has specified that excitation of criminal cases against members of movement is erroneous and breaking the right of Moslems to a free statement of the religious concept.

Hizb - ut - Tahrir al - Islami (the clearing Islamic party) is sunnitskaja is religious - the political organisation. Its purpose - distribution of ideas of Islam to the world and creation of the uniform Muslim state - Halifata. Movement representations are in a number of the countries of the Near East, Africa and the Western Europe. In Russia Hizb - ut - Tahrir It is recognised by the terrorist organisation, its activity is forbidden by the decision of the Supreme court in 2003.

head the Memorial Oleg Orlov has declared yesterday that public prosecutor`s caution is a next stage of approach of the state on the noncommercial organisations. to us want to forbid to doubt the official point of view and to have the opinion - he has declared. Mister Orlov has noticed that the text about Hizb - ut - Tahrir has appeared on a site the Memorial in May, 2005, but Office of Public Prosecutor has interested only in the beginning of 2006, after adoption of law about NKO and espionage scandal with the Moscow Helsinki group. on Office of Public Prosecutor pressed from above, and she has obeyed - considers ordered to mister Ashirovu the expert judgement the chairman of committee Civil assistance Svetlana Gannushkina. Today employees the Memorial Will remove from a site the text of mister Ashirova and will make the complaint to public prosecutor`s caution in court.

Zamprokurora of Moscow Sergey Lapin has flatly refused to make comments yesterday on the caution signed by it as well as to name authors socially - psychological examinations.