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The state will adjust tariffs Comstar

Yesterday it became known that the Federal Agency of supervision in communication sphere (Rossvjaznadzor) has brought the company Comstar - Incorporated telesystems in the register of the operators having essential position in a network of telecommunication. Henceforth the state will regulate tariffs Comstar . Experts notice that state regulation of tariffs of the alternative operator - precedent for the Russian market, and do not exclude that incomes Comstar from services of joining and the traffic admission will decrease twice.
that Comstar it is brought in the register of the operators occupying essential position in a communication network of the general using, representatives of Rossvjaznadzora yesterday have informed. According to representatives of supervising body, such decision was accepted because in the end of the last year to Comstar 55,6 % of actions of Open Society of MGTS - a monopolist in the Moscow market of a fixed-line telephony have been transferred. Affilirovannost from MGTS became an occasion to inclusion Comstar in the register of essential operators. Open Society ` Comstar - Incorporated telesystems ` together with affiliated persons possesses in a numbering zone ` Moscow city ` not less than 25 % montirovannoj capacities, and also has possibility to carry out in the specified zone of numbering the admission not less than 25 % of the traffic that is the basis for its inclusion in the register - it is told in the statement of Rossvjaznadzora. Entering Comstar in the register means that the state will regulate tariffs for joining to its network of other operators and the admission of their traffic is provides the law About communication . As Comstar Has entered into the register of Rossvjaznadzora, instead of in the register of natural monopolists of Federal antimonopoly service, its calculations with subscribers for a telecommunication service the state will not regulate.

in Comstar consider that entering into the register will not affect company business. incomes of joining services make approximately 30 % of our gain, - the general director ` Comstar ` Simeon Rabovsky speaks, - but we do not predict any losses. The majority of big clients have already joined us and have paid for joining .

Experts do not divide optimism of a management Comstar . By estimations of analysts from Atona a turn Comstar in 2005 (without MGTS) has made about $320 million Incomes of the company of joining services - connections to a network Comstar networks of smaller operators - have made about $96 million

Some participants of the market assume that with introduction of state regulation of tariffs this sum can decrease. Reduction of incomes of joining services can make from 10 to 50 %, depending on that the state will expose what tariffs to Comstar . Now ` Comstar ` the beret for joining of number of $200 - 230, - has told a top - the manager of one of the Moscow alternative operators. - in the regional companies which are already brought in the register of the essential operators, the tariffs established by the state for joining - $100 - 175. Not the fact that tariffs which will establish for ` Comstar `, will be much more above .

Analysts partly agree with opinion of participants of the market. entering into the register of the operators occupying essential position, will negatively affect incomes ` Comstar `. The in itself fact of state regulation partially deprives of the possibility company to conduct the independent tariff policy, - the analyst ` tells Atona ` to Nadezhda Golubeva. - But in the long term it can bring ` to Comstar ` certain benefit. Decrease in tariffs for joining, let even compulsory, can involve in the company of new clients .