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Alexander Karlin has urged to live not bread uniform

Yesterday the press-service Altay krajadministratsii has extended the text of performance of governor Alexander Karlina on taken place on the eve of the expanded board of central administrative board of agriculture (GUSH). The head of region has declared necessity of change of strategy of development of agrarian and industrial complex: the prompt leaving from unilateral orientation to manufacture of grain and development of processing branch. To officials GUSH the governor has let know that if they will not manage to spend effectively a sowing campaign and to organise struggle against a bird flu other managers will already realise new strategy. The performance governor Alexander Karlin has begun that the present structure of management of agrarian and industrial complex causes in it feeling of deep dissatisfaction. As he said, last year when in krajadministratsii the new command, it " was formed; Have convinced that the developed structure optimal for the decision of problems of the state influence on a state of affairs in agroindustrial sector . Mister Karlin recognised the error. I have shown the maximum understanding and in many respects questions of reorganisation of controls have assigned that who in this structure works. Unfortunately, today I ascertain that I have not received deep substantial offers. Moreover, from today`s performances I have understood that at us the aspiration to keep old stereotypes in work " is marked; - he on Monday has declared to employees GUSH. According to mister Karlina, the further destiny of agricultural managers is in dependence from the organisation of vesenne-field campaign, and also from a solution of a problem of preventive maintenance of a bird flu. an estimation of management efficiency of agrarian and industrial complex we will give by July, 1st, - the head of region has warned, - and if I do not see results, decisions I will accept radically. The structure will be reconsidered, plurality of bodies is liquidated .
Altay territory is one of the largest agricultural regions in Russia. The edge share in volume of output of agricultural production of the Russian Federation makes 3 %, the Siberian federal district - almost 21 %. Last five years grain manufacture in economy of all categories has averaged 3,6 million t, but in 2005 has been received only 3,2 million t. The agriculture share in a total regional product makes 21 %. Then Alexander Karlin has passed to strategy of development of agrarian and industrial complex. In its opinion, in the near future region it is necessary to leave from unilateral orientation to grain manufacture. According to the governor, for last 15 years the quantity of cows was reduced to 374 thousand goals, the fodder wedge has decreased for 1 million in hectare. The arable land most part is involved in grain manufacture and consequently financial losses in edge have made 6-7 mlrd rbl. Suddenly this problem not to solve, but we should to induce all resources available for us agriculture passing to more harmonious branch deal - mister Karlin has told.
by the Second strategic installation has been named leaving from edge position as raw appendage, source of raw materials for overworking and the food-processing industry of other regions . In our agrarian edge confectionery from Ural Mountains and even sunflower-seed oil though we have the greatest in Siberia the areas under sunflower " are delivered dairy, krupjanye and meat products, low-grade beer from Privolzhsky federal district; - the governor has noted. It has drawn a conclusion that is necessary to provide in the region as much as possible high level of processing of agricultural products .
It is possible to speak long about price disparitete, weather conditions is that we to change not in a condition, but we should adapt agricultural production for these conditions. To provide its survival and development in these uneasy conditions. Other way at us is not present - Alexander Karlin ascertained.
New strategic installations have met support at the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex and in krajsovete. I am completely solidary that the head of region spoke, - have declared the general director bijskogo Open Society Alejskzernoprodukt Alla Starovojtova. - Many ours even existing processing capacities nedogruzheny. In particular, in Alejske the sugar factory though once in Alejsky area grew up a sugar beet stands idle, and now this branch at us is not present . If Alexander Karlinu manages to make this revolution, I will only it is glad - madam Starovojtova has added.
the speaker krajsoveta Alexander Nazarchuk Has expressed the support to the governor. Rigid requirements to GUSH he named absolutely justified. executive power at Michael Evdokimove who has replaced of four assistants on agriculture, actually was not engaged in this branch. In rural areas there were no even profile controls - he has declared .