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Responsibility for removal from elections have assigned to parties

Three regions which heads of electoral committees reported yesterday to members TSIKa, it is possible to consider leaders in business of discharge of parties from participation in elections.
the Nizhniy Novgorod region became the champion : there the electoral committee has refused registration at once to six parties - to the Native land to Patriots of Russia to Agrarian and Democratic parties, Socialist uniform party of Russia and social justice Party. In five cases from six parties have paid for too great number of the doubtful signatures collected by them in the support, and to the Native land it has been refused registration from - for nelegitimnosti partkonferentsii on which the list of its candidates affirmed.

four parties have suffered in to Adygea - the Native land landowners, Patriots of Russia also It is national - Republican Party. In particular, the Native land Has lost the right of participation in elections from - that its list left more quarters of candidates. At last, in Kursk area two parties have been removed from elections - the same the Native land and National will .

In the company leaders it is possible to include also the Kaliningrad region, where registration " have lost; the Native land and People party. And the most suffer should recognise the Native land which try to remove from elections in all eight regions where on March, 12th will take place parliamentary elections.