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Less than three not to gather

As the head zemljachestva has informed „“ students from Kenya, trained in the Chuvash state university of I.N.Ulyanov (CHGU) Mark Salbej, past Monday foreign students of university at the general meeting have made decision to go out of doors only as a part of group not less than from three persons. According to mister Salbeja, as an occasion to such decision in February two events have served in Cheboksary attacks on foreign students. In both cases pupils of medical faculty CHGU - 26 - the summer student from Kenya Joseph Vamero Kamal and 20 - summer pakistanets (his name is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation - „“) which have got off with bruises of a head and an insignificant bleeding have suffered. Suspected of both attacks it is detained and gives grateful evidences. Under data „“, the first incident has occurred in the evening on February, 8th, when as a result of an attack from the unknown malefactor near a stop “ Student small town “ has been beaten 26 - the summer student of medical faculty CHGU Joseph Vamero Kamal from Kenya. The Kenyan came back from shop with products in the student`s hostel when to it have unexpectedly put behind some strong blows to the head any stupid and heavy subject. According to the victim, in badly shined lane located approximately in three hundred metres from a building of a hostel, he at first has heard noise quickly coming nearer to it behind steps and during a next instant has felt an acute pain from blows falling down on his head. Joseph Kamal has fallen to asphalt then attacking some times has struck the Kenyan feet on the person. As a result of an attack the student has received strong bruises of a head and the nose broken in blood. While the victim came to the senses, the criminal has escaped in an unknown direction. The victim has reported the accident at once in militia, however to law enforcement bodies to open this crime without delay it was not possible.
the Second similar attack on the foreign student has occurred in the same place in some days. This time a victim attacking became 20 - summer pakistanets, also the student of medical faculty CHGU (his name is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation - „“). Pakistanets too has been knocked down by a series of the strong blows to the head put behind by a heavy stupid subject. However, fortunately pakistantsa, at this time by passed a private security squad which has detained the attacking. It has appeared it 20 - the summer inhabitant of Cheboksary from whom the metal gate which it used as the attack tool has been withdrawn.
the arrested person to whom accusation under item 116 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is already brought; the Beating “) At once has started to give evidences, having taken the fault for both attacks. According to the young man, in both cases he worked alone, beating foreigners “ from revenge “. As the suspect has explained, about ones and a half one month ago he has been beaten by five foreigners nearby CHGU. As it has rather vaguely remembered persons of the offenders, has decided to punish all foreigners coming across on its way.
as has informed „“ the head a press - services of Ministry of Internal Affairs CHR Tatyana Tkachenko, the arrested person in the categorical form denies presence in the actions of any nationalist or racial motives. At the same time she has informed that the consequence does not have the data confirming the version of the arrested person about motives of its attacks.
yesterday the chief of the international department of dean`s office on work with foreign students CHGU Nikolay Vodjanov has regarded an event as “ Simple train of ordinary hooligan actions and the criminal tricks made without any nationalist colouring “.
In turn the head zemljachestva from Kenya Mark Salbej has informed students „“ that while students - foreigners “ are inclined to believe assurances of representatives of law enforcement bodies of Chuvashiya and heads CHGU that in the crimes made against foreigners there is no racist underlying reason. However - that crimes were “. He has informed that past Monday students from Kenya and Pakistan, trained in CHGU, at the general meeting have made decision to go out of doors only as a part of group not less than from three persons. According to mister Salbeja, transition of foreign students to exclusively group principle of life - “ it is a provisional measure accepted with a view of safety “. “ Suddenly once again there will be a fact of “a simple criminal attack“ “ - the head has told.
If the fault of the suspect will be proved, it is threatened with punishment in the form of corrective works for the term up to 6 months or arrest for the term up to 3 months.