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Vahid Alakbarov has come to the place of Michael Khodorkovsky

Yesterday following the results of board meeting of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) its president Alexander Shokhin at a briefing for journalists has informed that the yesterday`s meeting hardly probable has been devoted not for the first time to business and power dialogue . Board RSPP discussed the questions connected with tax and ground reforms. Besides, members in bureau RSPP instead of three left, among which eks - head NK YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky and the chairman of the supervisory board of Open Society " have been selected; Industrially - building bank Vladimir Kogan. Heads of LUKOIL, " became new members of bureau; Gazmetalla and Kuzbassrazrezuglja .
Head RSPP Alexander Shokhin, naming the previous board meetings RSPP by actions more often formal has declared that the yesterday`s meeting was at last - that is really devoted To different themes on which business carries on dialogue with the power . Among the most important achievements of last board president RSPP named formation among members of the union of an accurate position concerning tax and land reform.

having noted concern of business neuregulirovannostju relations between tax bearers and tax departments, without which about any equality of the rights of the parties of speech cannot be mister Shokhin almost has passed at once to a theme of renewal by the enterprises of the rights to the earth. on operating in the beginning 90 - h to the legislation the right to termless using the earth was redeemed together with the enterprises. Now the enterprises should either rent the earth, or redeem it - president RSPP has told.

the Main complexity for today Alexander Shokhin named necessity of the compromise between fiscal interest and businessmen: Business considers that he already has paid once and once again to pay incorrectly. On the other hand, the repeated repayment of the earth is favourable to local authorities . As offered RSPP measures on achievement of the compromise mister Shokhin named reasonable cost of the repayment of the earth at a rate of 2 % from its cadastral cost (against 5 % offered by the government), and also possibility for the enterprises to court to appeal against against a cadastral estimation and to involve for an estimation of independent experts. We will note, the theme of the repayment of the earth is one of the most difficult in mutual relations of business and the power - it is discussed already more than two years and while RSPP it was not possible to move the government to the compromise.

Concerning the organizational moments board meetings, Alexander Shokhin has told about why - that exciting all mass-media To theme of closing of vacancies in bureaus RSPP which have appeared after the union Michael Khodorkovsky and the chairman of the supervisory board of Open Society " have left the former president NK YUKOS; Industrially - building bank Vladimir Kogan. The third left there was Victor Dombrovsky, vice-president RSPP which has come in RSPP with Arcady Volsky and to large proprietors of the relation not having. Election in bureau of three new members became result of the voting which have occupied, according to president RSPP, no more than five minutes: president NK Vahid Alakbarov`s LUKOIL, the co-owner of holdings metalloinvest and Gazmetall Alisher Usmanov and the chairman of board of directors Kuzbassrazrezuglja Andrey Bokareva. That fact that new members of bureau have been selected to planned for April XV otchetno - elective congress RSPP, the president of the union has explained requirement of the organisation for fresh forces. For all these people who in discussion of the private problems can reach the president, there is a real business - mister Shokhin has noticed, having noted changes in before sceptical relation of a society to members RSPP.

the Occasion to remember conversations with the president has arisen once again after the request to specify the purpose and date of the following meeting of representatives RSPP with Vladimir Putin. Though according to November arrangements with representatives of Presidential Administration the meeting with members RSPP should take place in the beginning of February, Alexander Shokhin recognised that a question of dialogue with the head of the state in the union do not force . He has assumed what take place this meeting can in April.

the reason of a delay president RSPP named intention of representatives of the union podgotovlenno and seriously To tell with Vladimir Putin about a business role in development of national projects, in particular in extremely interesting RSPP vocational training areas. Apparently, on preparation of such conversation (summit G8 obviously dated for the agenda in St.-Petersburg in June) it is required to the organisation in any way less than two months. And the themes rising on board RSPP, in the Kremlin will not be mentioned.