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Victor Khristenko has opened to Europe

the Minister of the industry and power Victor Khristenko yesterday in Bruxelles met the eurocommissioner on industry Gjunterom Ferhojgenom, the eurocommissioner on power Andris Pibalgsom and the president of the Union of industrial and enterprise circles of Europe (JUNISE) Ernest Antoine Selerom. Discussed the power safety and Common Economic Space questions, which creation, according to the Russian and European businessmen while goes badly.
outwardly relations of Russia and EU develop very well. The aspiration to Common Economic Space creation is proclaimed; EU has approved Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization and supports the decision of Russia to make the main theme of the presidency in G8 power safety. Russia in every possible way underlines that not only does not limit access of foreign investors to own power (in particular, in gazodobychu), but also in every possible way it will encourage. However, when in the beginning of February to Russia there has arrived delegation JUNISE (which president yesterday there was mister Khristenko), representatives of this organisation, and also RSPP, Business Russia and Support of Russia looked not so inspired. Also specified that for Common Economic Space creation it is necessary to make much: to harmonise legal measures of regulation of business, to reduce technical and administrative barriers in trade, to improve customs and boundary procedures on the basis of a principle of assistance to trade for reduction of expensive delays on border, to provide intellectual property measures of protection. Thus representatives of the Russian enterprise organisations in informal conversations complained that officials of Eurocommission as - that not so listen to their requests, are limited to formal assurances that with uniform economic space all will be as it should be, and anything concrete do not do. Business has reached that JUNISE and the Russian enterprise organisations have acted with the joint statement in which have demanded from the government of Russia and Eurocommission to give them semi-annual reports on a course of creation of uniform economic space.

yesterday in Bruxelles mister Khristenko with mister Ferhojgenom discussed that it is possible to offer businessmen. In particular, activity of working groups which have been created in December, 2005 was discussed; These groups should co-ordinate standards in is information - communication technologies, radio - and the telecommunication equipment, the textile, pharmaceutical, automobile and wood industry. It is necessary to notice that not only the Russian businessmen are dissatisfied with absence of activity of the authorities of Russia and EU in the field of economic integration, but also the authorities, in turn, are dissatisfied with that businessmen do not put forward offers on working out of branch standards and co-operate here with the European firms a little.

during yesterday`s visit Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization was discussed also. As representatives JUNISE and the Russian enterprise organisations, " specify; accession to WTO represents the major step directed on deepening of economic relations between Russia and EU. It becomes the first considerable event since the conclusion in 1994 of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement . However prospects of Russia to access to WTO in 2006 begin more and more illusive not only from - for positions of the USA which continue to demand opening of the Russian financial market and intellectual property protection, but also from - for positions of EU which demand from Russia before it will join the organisation, the concrete plan of cancellation of a payment from the European airlines for the Trans-Siberian flights. So and in an accession to WTO question the Russian and European officials cannot offer the businessmen any guarantees yet.