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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company PSK Rikom (OGRN 1081682000091, an INN/ a check point 1639037831/ 163901001, 423889, Republic Tatarstan, Tukaevsky area, d. Kulushevo, street Telmana, d. 92, insurance number 013 - 400 - 006118) Zakirov Ilgizar Iskandarovich (an INN 164802354620, OGRNIP 304167312600060, SNILS 079 - 729 - 553 - 33, 422540, RT, a Zelenodolsk, and/ I 813, e - a mail: ilgizar - zakirov@yandex. ru, bodies.: (84371 59470, a member of Noncommercial partnership the Self-adjustable organisation of independent arbitration managing directors BUSINESS (OGRN 1035002205919, an INN 5010029544, the mailing address: 127562, Moscow, and/ I NP SRO NAU Business ) Declares: 1) the repeated auctions appointed on 03. 08. 2011, are recognised by not taken place because of absence of demands;

2) about carrying out on electronic trading platform SElT to the address in a network the Internet: http:// selt - online. ru the open auctions in the electronic form on sale by means of the public offer (further - the auctions) the rights of the requirement of Open Company PSK Rikom for a total sum 2676656,26 rbl. to following organisations: Open Company StrojStil for the sum 888460,64 rbl., Open Company SMP - 51 for the sum 149680,84 rbl., Open Company SMP - 52 for the sum 712036,00, Open Company TPK Kamsky cars for the sum 100000,00 rbl., Open Company PSF Remstrojrestavratsija for the sum 720945,78 rbl., Open Company EkoStrojServis for the sum 34000,00 rbl., Open Company Ceramics for the sum 37515,00 rbl., Open Company prominvest - NN for the sum 34018,00 rbl. ( the Prize 1 ), the initial price 294489,00 rbl. roubles. The beginning of the auctions - in 09. 00 hours 14. 09. 2011, the deposit - 20 %, operating in the price, application forms for participation in the auctions are accepted on a venue of the auctions all period of the auctions in the working days with 09. 00 hours to 16. 00 hours. Size of decrease in the initial price - 5 % (14724 rbl.) The initial price, term after which the initial price - consistently decreases 3 calendar days. The winner of the auctions the participant of the auctions, the first presented when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property, which not below the initial price of the sale established for the certain period of the auctions admits. From the date of definition of the winner of the auctions demands acceptance on a prize stops. Summarising of the auctions is made on a venue of the auctions. Other conditions of tendering are published in the newspaper 85 (4626) from 14. 05. 2011, Chelninsky news 62 (11508) from 13. 05. 2011 the Additional information on characteristics of sold property and on a tendering order can be received by phone: (84371 59470 and to addresses: RT, a Zelenodolsk, Gogol`s street, d. 35, http:// selt - online. ru.