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Personal account 2001

awards " Are handed over; Persons of the year

In hall Odessa of Moscow hotel Olympic Penta Renessans has handed over the annual awards Persons of the year holding Top secret .

Persons of the year under the version Top secret exist in two kinds. One is a popular glossy edition. Its each owner has possibility once again to admire photos of the people, which most part it and so daily sees on TV screens. The second is a ceremony of delivery of awards. On it, of course, some hundreds the most appreciable people of Russia at all desire you will not collect is a minimum it is necessary to take out all armchairs from a hall of the State Kremlin palace. So it was necessary to spend selection work and to reduce the list the VIP to reasonable limits, that is in not one ten times.
As a result of on whom the holding choice has fallen, have seated in hall Odessa behind the big round tables. On tables there was a wine - red and white, vodka in the misted over bottles on the sly heated up. Still there were standard cold dishes - salads, meat and fish delicacies, fresh tomatoes with cucumbers, a pickles, in general national snack without the special delicacy which absence very much gathered pleased all.
behind the main table - what stood almost at the scene, - the most important visitors sat. The most important things besides the president of holding Top secret Veronicas Borovik - Hilchevsky were singer Phillip Kirkorov and fashion designer Valentine Yudashkin. Them at the height of ceremony has joined vitse - Valentine Matvienko`s prime minister. She as has been caused on a scene has not had time to join and has won a prize from hands of leading evening Leonid Yakubovich. vitse - the prime minister with a telestar has exchanged brotherly kisses. And still vitse - premerskih the inhabitant of the next little table vitse has received kisses - the speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky who is the most active all the evening long than other visitors used snack. With mister Zhirinovsky the table was divided by the chief - the editor Sovseka Rustam Arifdzhanov. Later strongly late businessman Sergey Lissovsky and the president of the Olympic committee of Russia Leonid Tjagachev have sat down by them.
Familiar faces were on all hall. The press - the secretary of the Moscow mayor Sergey Tsoy adjoined to singer Katya Lel. Lawyer Henry Reznik talked to lawyer Boris Kuznetsovym and deputy Victor Pohmelkinym. And still president insufficiently lighted on secular receptions SUAL - holding Victor Vekselberg exchanged remarks with the chairman of Moscow City Council Vladimir Platonovym and deputy Alexey Arbatov.
in a hall all time something occurred. That the next winner, with a reluctance having come off a supper, rose on a scene behind an award popular actors did arising pauses musical. And most of all efforts was at Leonid Yakubovich who was all the evening long as - that it is marvellously sad. Perhaps here business was in the letter of resignation which, according to someone from visitors of a holiday, mister Yakubovich has the day before submitted on ORT literally.
rewarding " became the most important business of evening; the person of year . The Nobel winner physicist Jores Alfyorov became them. The well-known scientist against all other visitors could look the outsider. Really, on solemn receptions it is possible to meet everybody, only not the full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. But mister Alfyorov successfully adapted, has said thankful speech in which did not begin to speak neither about the physicist, nor about a distress of the Russian science, and even has surpassed in degree of good breeding of director Mark Zaharova awarding him.
When almost all awards have been handed over, in a hall large shortage was found out. There was no one of the major winners - actor Oleg Menshikov. But to long became nobody. Very many have simply left. The hall has strongly become empty, when in it there were waiters with hot dishes (fish or meat on a choice), and also the extremely slovenly mister with a beard a shovel, the huge stomach, an unpleasant smell (to which many visitors have paid attention) and the certificate of the employee of Administrative Department of the President. Than the mister was engaged at once after the arrival, to explain, probably, even it is not necessary. Any person whom though time has visited action with free drinks and entertainments, knows the professional term a freebie .
And right at the end when evening, apparently, has ended also few remained visitors have started desserts, whence vozmis there was also Oleg Menshikov. On a hall the wave of easy turmoil was carried by, on a scene there was an unknown person who has replaced Leonid Yakubovich and has handed over to actor Menshikov the put award. After that absolute harmony at last has been reached, and evening has practically come to an end.