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Wonderful mind is better than artificial reason

nominees on the film award " Are declared; the Gold globe

on January, 20th in 59 - j time the Hollywood association of a foreign press will distribute Gold globes on which it is accepted to do forecasts about destiny Oscars . On six Globes can receive a musical Mulen Ruzh and Wonderful mind . Nicole Kidman is nominated at once on two awards - as the best actress both in comedy, and in a drama category.

wonderful mind (A Beautiful Mind) - a psychological thriller Rhone Hovarda (Ron Howard) which and in America still very few people saw. Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe) plays it mathematical genius John Nash, 30 years struggling with own schizophrenia and in 66 years rewarded for it the Nobel Prize. With Wonderful mind in section the Best drama film compete Malhollend a drive (Mulholland Drive) - a surrealistic fairy tale in David Lynch`s firm manner (David Lynch) and a screen version of Tolkiena the Lord of rings: a ring Brotherhood (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring). They have on four nominations. Is in the main category and an art film: the Person of which was not (The Man Who Wasn ` t There) brothers Cohen (Coen) and a low budget family drama In a bedroom (In the Bedroom), removed all for $2 million
Almost all nominees in section the Best comedy/ a musical are familiar to the Russian spectator. Here Mulen Ruzh (Moulin Rouge) battles with the Diary Bridzhit Johns (Bridget Jones ` s Diary), SHrekom (Shrek), the Blonde in the law (Legally Blonde) and Robert Oltmena`s film (Robert Altmen) gosford park (Gosford Park) about murder in English manor 30 - h years which takes the third place by quantity of nominations (only five).
this year at the Gold globe there is no obvious favourite as opinion of critics, whose voting precedes definition of nominees, was strongly divided. The favourite nju - jorkskoj the press became Malhollend a drive and los - andzhelesskoj - In a bedroom . Behind a board the Gold globe there was a profit-making film of 2001 Harry Potter and a philosophers` stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ` s Stone).
Baz Lurman apply For a rank of the best director (Baz Luhrman) with a film Mulen Ruzh Robert Oltmen, David Lynch, the director the Lord of rings Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) and Ron Hovard. The unique director in this category, whose film does not participate in the main nomination, - Stephen Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) with Artificial reason (A I. Artificial Intelligence) as which critics in the majority consider as a failure. However, the press has not ignored few successful moments Artificial reason and consequently one more nomination spilbergovskomu to a film was brought by Dzhud Lo (Jude Law) in a category the Best supporting actor .
Nominees in a category the Best comedy actor - Evan McGregor (Ewan McGregor) for Mulen Ruzh Dzhin Hekmen (Gene Hackman) for a role of the father of three child prodigies ( the Dynasty Tenenbaumov The Royal Tenenbaums ) John Kameron Mitchel (John Cameron Mitchell), played the transsexual singer in fate - an opera Hedvig and spiteful Inch (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Hugh Dzhekmen (Hugh Jackman) for scientifically - a fantastic melodrama Kate and Leopold (Kate and Leopold) which heroes live in different centuries. Bob Tornton bills (Billy Bob Thornton), as well as Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), sits on two chairs, being nominated and for the Person of which was not and for a comedy about a bank robbery Gangsters (Bandits). The best actor in a category of serious films can become also Russell Crowe ( Wonderful mind ), Uil Smith (Will Smith), grown fat twice to play legendary boxer Mohammed Ali ( Ali Ali ) Kevin Spejsi (Kevin Spacey) for a role of the touching widower with two daughters in a film navigation News (The Shipping News) and, at last, Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington) which the Moscow public could see in a role of the corrupted policeman in the Training bottom (Training Day).
In a nomination the Best comedy actress compete Kate Blanshett (Cate Blanchett) ( Gangsters ), Nicole Kidman ( Mulen Ruzh ), Riz Vizerspun (Reese Witherspoon) ( the Blonde in the law ), Ren Zellveger (Renee Zellweger) ( the Diary Bridzhit Johns ) And also 19 - summer Tora Berch (Thora Birch), representing a comedy the World of phantoms (Ghost World).
the Best foreign films of a steel our old acquaintance Ameli (Amelie), the Brazilian film On that party of the Sun (Behind the Sun), Indian Wedding of Monsun (Monsoon Wedding), Bosnian the Nobody`s earth (No Man ` s Land) and the Mexican film And your mother too (Y Tu Mama Tambien).
As to the best actresses 90 journalists accredited in Hollywood, Sissi Spejsek (Sissy Spacek) (" have noted; In a bedroom ) Created an image of mother of brutally killed student, Tildu Suinton (Tilda Swinton) - for an image of mother rescuing the son from charges in murder, in an independent film On the brink (The Deep End), Nicole Kidman (a film about ghosts Others (The Others)), Dzhudi Dench (Judi Dench), played writer Ajris Merdok ( Ajris Iris ), and Hell of Berry (Halle Berry) ( Ball of monsters Monster ` s Ball ) .
51 - summer Sissi Spejsek is considered and as the most probable pretender on Oscar . It was nominated For it already five times and one has received - in 1980 for a film the Daughter of the miner (Coal Miner ` s Daughter). This year on its party unanimous sympathies of critics. in my generation so much wonderful actresses who have simply nothing to play now, - have told Spejsek. - Perhaps thanks to such film, as In a bedroom someone will remember about us, old aunts, and will write to us more than excellent roles .