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In Russia to drink dangerously

even water

Yesterday in Moscow has passed a round table on a theme Potable water of the third millenium: overcoming the crisis ways . Crisis signs: absence of money, a bad condition of a complex as a whole and water supply and water drain networks in particular. The potable water problem in bottles was still found out: at us many make it, but nobody supervises.

the adviser of the head of the state water service professor Vladimir Papisov has opened session. Mister Papisov has specified in a bad condition of those water security zones where build the cottages which drains pollute water. Then it has complained that the governmental order #548 has sent all money for using water objects (7 mlrd rbl.) To regions, and the federal centre (that is to the Ministry of natural resources) has got nothing. And the professor of Medical academy of a name of Setchenov Valery Mazaev acting as last in general has declared that time the state badly watches potable water (and it, by its definition, all water which flows from house cranes), that, means, it breaks the Constitution - articles about the right to life and health.
the representative of the Ministry of natural resources Yury Kvashnin acted also. He has told that Russia merges in the seas the considerable quantity of water after Brazil. If it to divide into quantity of the population in a year on average our citizen it is necessary about 30 cubic kilometres of a turn of fresh water. However, from the European part (in particular, from South Russian plain where lives the basic population of Russia and where the majority of the industrial enterprises is concentrated) 8 % merge only. And all other water flows there where it and to use - that there is nobody. Therefore the Russian water should be saved. However, there is a progress in use of this resource: from - for recession of industrial production of the enterprise began to take away less waters, and now on the first place on consumption left city housing - municipal services which spoil water less. But the forecast unfavourable - industrial production grows. And with Volga and Ob business are bad and now, fish dies. Well and money is, of course, necessary.
the most terrible picture was drawn by the vice-president of the Russian association of water supply Alexander Svetlopoljansky. He has declared that at water canals and sewer collectors of money are not present in general. Deterioration of the equipment - 70 %, constantly happen failures, from - for which the population is threatened with a dysentery, a hepatitis and an intestinal stick. Though and without any accidents water in all regions moves in water supply systems with deviations from norms of safety. Even introduction of absolute payment of utilities will not rescue branch. Only capital monetary injections in the water industry from the government or absolutely sharp increase in a payment for water, approximately to 1500 rbl. a month from apartment, can help drinking business. And here still the new Tax code, under which VAT and in general all taxes will charge not after the consumer will pay money and after the water canal will expose to the consumer of an abacus. According to the mister Svetlopoljansky, the paradox turns out: the state, for example, does not pay in the state hospitals for a water consumption, to disconnect them from water it is impossible, the tax for the account exposed to hospitals should to the state be paid.
Olga Butkova from all-union scientific research institute brewing, nonalcoholic and vinodelcheskoj the industries has completed a terrible picture. She spoke about the - about water in bottles. As she said, for safety of this water answers SES, and well answers, from a bottle it is impossible to poison with water. But here for quality of such water anybody does not answer. And consequently it is good or so-so, it is necessary to investigate in each separate case. And money for research work, of course, is not present.