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Yasser Arafat costs masses

Yesterday the representative of the Palestinian administration has declared that Yasser Arafat (Yasser Arafat) intends to visit traditional Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem which will pass in the night from 24 for December, 25th. Mister Arafat is present on each Christmas mass since 1995 when the city where the Christ was born, was a part of Palestinian autonomy.
the special statement in this respect this year was required because mister Arafat here is blocked the second week in the residence in Ramalle by the Israeli tanks which barrels practically look to it in windows. As the official representative of Israeli prime minister Raanan Gisin has informed yesterday (Raanan Gissin), for a trip to Bethlehem the Palestinian leader will need to obtain the permit of the Israeli party. Thus mister Gisin has not told directly, whether such permission will be given. At the same time he has specified that, according to many Israeli ministers, At Arafat, probably, these days it is a lot of house work and consequently there should not be time for trips - an unambiguous hint that to the Palestinian leader is better to sit in Ramalle and to supervise over capture of terrorists. Meanwhile yesterday the mayor of Bethlehem Hanan Naser (Hanan Nasser) has threatened that in case Yasser Arafat will not arrive, the city authorities intend to cancel Christmas celebrations. It is remarkable that earlier mister Naser expressed opinion that to Palestinians not to celebrations when almost each day bury the killed. However after Bethlehem the wedding general named a Christmas mass important religious action, the mayor has changed the opinion.