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Moscow will join Russia

Today in the cinema House will pass IV congress of the Moscow union of cinematographers. Most likely, it becomes the last. Before congress correspondent ALEXEY - KARAHAN has met film writer PAVEL the FINN who after Savvy Kulish`s death fulfils duties of the head of this organisation.

- what for you gather, if all is solved?
- in any results it is impossible to be assured in advance. I can tell only that the main task consists in accepting the final decision about reunion with the Russian union. The preliminary decision that our union will be now the regional organisation of the Russian union, truth, with the legal body, was already accepted on the fifth plenum of the Moscow union, during lifetime of Savvy Kulish. It would be desirable to notice once again that we change only the form, only we change a signboard, but, in effect, all remains, as was, - as the Moscow organisation united the Moscow cinematographers so it and them will unite. The second purpose of congress is not less important. It is necessary for us to select the new head of the Moscow organisation as now after Valery Lonsky has left, and then Savva Kulish has died, we simply do not have legitimate leader.
- whether the idea of creation of the Moscow trade union of cinematographers which has been supported at the Russian congress will be discussed?
- very important correctly to suggest this idea that people have understood that it will not be analogue of the Soviet trade union, senseless for participants and necessary to the state, as a certain police institute. We plan trade union of the western type, trade union of protection which will represent interests of all without an exception of people of cinema trades, from the director to the worker of a cinema or the manufacturer of a film. Certainly, we at all do not urge to cancel the union which both existed, and will exist. I hope on not evklidovo the decision of this problem - probably, these two parallel organisations when - nibud will be crossed.
- as far as I know, the head of the Moscow organisation automatically becomes the first deputy of chairman of the board SK the Russian Federation. You have received what else terms of surrender from the Russian union?
- about any capitulation speech does not go. Anybody from us never was against association, it is all absoljutnejshaja bosh and delirium. The Moscow organisation really remains the legal body, that is will keep the legal rights, membership dues and the right of reception of new members which have been taken away from us earlier are returned us. Such decision was accepted at congress SK the Russian Federation and is fixed by the charter. Any conditions on neither side to anybody it was not put anywhere. Two months ago we met Nikita Mikhalkov, and our arrangements were not reduced to any conditions. The organisation name will be simply changed, and it becomes acknowledgement of the priority rights of the Russian union under the relation to all regional organisations, including and Moscow.