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The fairy tale end was added by the public

the Norwegian Cinderella Felipe has not approached the Spanish prince

the Crown prince of Spain has left the girlfriend Evoj Sannum as whom the Spanish press considered the future queen unworthy position. Business not only that printseva the bride was the simple Norwegian by origin - its own biography did not satisfy the Spanish monarchists.

the last week has brought the big simplification to those Spaniards who are disturbed by destiny of the Spanish throne. The matter is that crown prince Felipe (Prince Felipe) on pleasure all puristam declared that disperses from the girlfriend Evoj Sannum (Eva Sannum) which he intended to marry. Many citizens sharply criticised a choice of the future successor of a throne as it sickened thought that the Norwegian of humble origin who besides earned earlier on life underwear advertising can become the queen of Spain.
On specially called a press - conferences 33 - the summer prince declared that it and Eva have decided to disperse peacefully. This news has taken the country unawares as still more recently as about business solved wrote about engagement of the successor of a throne with the Norwegian model. According to polls, the majority of Spaniards did not approve this union. However prince Felipe has rejected assumptions that on rupture of relations with the girlfriend it was induced by call of duty before the people and fatherland. our relations simply were at a deadlock, that`s all, - the prince has told. - and no other reason here is present .
the Largest Spanish newspaper El Mundo has without delay spent among the readers the express train - poll and has found out that the courageous decision of the successor of a throne has met a population whole-hearted support: the whole 77 % have voted for .
Since 1998 when prince Felipe only has started to look after for 23 - the summer Norwegian model, the pretender to a role of the future queen of Spain has got under the most steadfast supervision of the press, its each word and each gesture became property of the public. From attention of journalists that fact has not taken cover that Eva Sannum and has not managed to graduate, and its advertising photos were published in linen on the front pages of the Spanish newspapers.
in May of Jose Luis de Vilallonga (Jose Luis de Vilallonga), the official biographer of king Juan Carlos (King Juan Carlos), has written in newspaper ABC that if the crown prince marries madam Sannum to these will put respectable and dear institute of the Spanish monarchy on one board with Windsor infamous British royal house. It would be pernicious both for the Spain, and for all royal houses of Europe among which remains not enough such with which it would not be connected though any doubtful history.

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