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Theatres distort

the Prime minister Players Oleg Menshikov - the sample of modern theatrical customs. About it it is not written in editions - announcements, it is not present in the summary playbill in the column Moscow Council Theatre on it have not called - as it usually occurs - journalists. Practice of secret premieres all becomes more popular. Makes comments on an observer the NOVEL - DOLZHANSKY.

Here a situation which it is necessary to face even more often. Before a premiere a press - the secretary of theatre begins plaintively poskulivat: Oh, no, do not come while. We yet do not call critics. Performance crude . As the justification difficult circumstances of rehearsals are called: the actor was ill, scenery are not ready, at theatre cold, etc. Please, in a month . The cleverest tell truth: We are afraid of you . The Most erudite appeal to Mejerholdu: Where - that have read that it started up critics only on the tenth performance, not earlier. Less kind answer shortly: the Press we do not call . Meanwhile even on crude performances tickets in cash desks are on sale with might and main.
That it means? The first variant of the answer: performance is bad, the theatre is itself perfectly understands and is afraid that in the newspaper and will write. On - chelovecheski it is clear, but after all the newspaper should inform a society not only about udachah workers of a scene. The second variant: performance is for the present bad, but there is a hope that it will improve. What it is necessary to make in that case? To apologise before spectators, to return them money and to rehearse until result will not satisfy founders of representation.
instead theatres swindle and palm off on spectators - for money, it is natural - obviously not ready product, and from professionals of subquality work by hook or by crook hide. Often it becomes to the accompaniment of statements that despise critics, on their opinion to spit, and the higher authority - the simple spectator. But after all in effect all appears exactly on the contrary: what it for the authoritative judge to whom try vsuchit nekonditsiju?
informing in the telecast about menshikovskih Players Leonid Parfyonov has presented a press - to secretaries of theatres new concept: the closed premiere " has taken place;. A premiere, according to the encyclopaedia, is called the first public paid display of new performance . That is or closed (that is not public), or a premiere. Besides by definition: as soon as the spectator has paid one rouble for the ticket and to it for this rouble show representation, it automatically becomes a premiere. Accordingly - becomes a criticism subject.
the day before yesterday on performance Players journalists of daily newspapers did not call, have invited only pair of the elite. To the interested told all the same: not a premiere, viewing for pam and mums. In theatrical use so any free visitors of dress rehearsal are called. pogovorivali even that Oleg Menshikov so has taken offence at critics for reviews of the previous performances of the Associations that will not stand almost in the doorway and to carry out face control. It was trusted hardly: in - the first, the actor before a playtime needs to get into the role, and in - the second, the superstar so to crush cannot. However, not to put dear person in awkward position, the journalist whom actors, managers and a press - secretaries yet do not know by sight has gone to theatre. No Menshikov in the doorway existed, but tickets in cash desk were on sale. It was the premiere. To sell one of the remained tickets the colleague has asked already after it was presented by the journalist. it is forbidden to us to sell tickets to journalists - the matchless answer has followed.
More recently mister Menshikov has founded own award for theatrical journalists with serious fund in $5 thousand Perhaps, now it simply hides from them for objectivity preservation? And differently what for would be to rise to it abreast frightened and offended by the press. As, as it has appeared, this time hide-and-seek absolutely is vain. It seems that at Menshikov at last - that good performance has turned out. It is a pity that anybody from its professionals still for a long time will not see.