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Vladimir Putin have accepted in a family

Yesterday to Great Britain the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has arrived. With details from London - official correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV.

this visit was planned in the beginning as more or less formal answer to Tony Blair`s arrival (Tony Blair) to Moscow several weeks ago. The English prime minister - the minister has called in to us literally at some o`clock on the way to the Far East. And the Russian president has arrived to London specially. Then the English party has declared that this visit should have a family format. Vladimir Putin, speak, has agreed on it easily and has arrived with the wife, though and without daughters.
at Heathrow airport he was met by the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov, which here the second day. Vladimir Putin has gone at once to residence of premieres - the minister of Great Britain. There it has met with Tony Blair, his wife Sheri and children: With three seniors, Juenom, Niki and Ketrin, and younger Leo (Cherie, Ewan, Nickie, Catherine, Leo) which, under the information from a press - services of the Russian president, within the limits of preparation for this visit has scattered children`s toys on all residence. Vladimir Putin has hastily familiarised with a life of premieres - the minister, has examined a bedroom where he should spend night, and was engaged in favourite business - negotiations in the narrow and expanded structure. It was necessary to discuss much.
in - the first what to do from the NATO? The president of Russia on - former wants, that Russia continued rapprochement from the NATO. Same like the prime minister - minister Blair would like also. He suggests to create new council Russia - the NATO in which Russia will receive more than the rights, than has now. And the main thing, this body should be the worker. Its sessions should occur much more often, than now, and to create it it is necessary why - that necessarily before the Prague summit on which will discuss a question on reception in the North Atlantic alliance of the countries of Baltic.
Tony Blair - very initiative person. It about one age and a rating with our president. With Tony Blair`s work on a post of premieres - the minister 64 % of Englishmen are happy. 28 % are disappointed only. The country supported it and in the relation to the military action in Afghanistan. Now Great Britain heads peace-making operation. These problems were discussed too by misters Putin and Blair.
However, say that, uvlekshis foreign policy, Blair has absolutely thrown the internal. Newspaper Daily Express even left with such reference on the front page: Tony Blair Is searched. Has disappeared from the house on September, 11th and, apparently, goes to the USA. If someone notices it, the request to inform Englishmen .
On a press - conferences leaders distributed compliments each other. Mister Blair has declared that from the very beginning believed: the president of Russia possesses the big enlightenment about Russia. It is full of optimism and in the rest. yesterday there were 100 days from the date of our first attack to Afghanistan, - he has told. - we can be proud of that have reached there in military, political and humanitarian relations. But it is their country and their future . He has told that the bilateral group for fight against terrorism is created. Actually, truth, this group exists with most on September, 11th. Vladimir Putin spoke about it also. He has declared that Russia and Great Britain exchange for a long time the prospecting information, - several years ago it was simply impossible. These words with pleasure were picked up also by Blair. In general all is pleasant to it. It even has sounded Vladimir Putin`s favourite thought on growth of a total internal product of Russia and has predicted its growth next year on 3 %.
Concerning Russia and the NATO the president of Russia has told that two approaches are possible. The first - revolutionary: questions in which discussion Russia will not accept participation are defined. On all other questions we agree together. The second variant: we define some areas in which we agree, and it is not touched others. Russia, according to Vladimir Putin, both variants will arrange.
an interesting story has told to ask a special question, the English journalist. On La - Manshu from the North Korea send a vessel with sugar cargo. A vessel stop, having suspected that there geksogen, and geksogena do not find. Leaders have asked that they think about it. Vladimir Putin has told that to it have just told about this story and he has commented on it so: it is necessary to search Is better!
for the night actions on which Englishmen even refused to inform the Russian side have been planned. Speak, they have a certain cultural program. Can to play billiards, for example. It is said that, when Tony Blair was on a visit at Vladimir Putin in Moscow, that has suggested English of premieres - to the minister to play party - another. Tony Blair has agreed, but has warned, is not able what to play. Vladimir Putin has thoughtlessly explained it rules of this game - and has lost the first game.