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Have planted brothers - thieves

the Supreme court of the North Ossetia has pronounced a sentence to members of a gang of brothers of Tochievyh, long time engaged in kidnappings in the Chechen Republic. Four from a five were on a dock have received terms, the fifth has been justified behind a fault absence of proof.

already informed on the process beginning. We will remind that on a dock there were four brothers of Tochievyh and them podelnik Isa Merzhoev. During the first Chechen war younger Tochiev, Hamzi, became the known field commander, but in the summer of 1999 was lost in the armed dismantling. Other brothers of Tochievy have continued to be engaged in the Chechen Republic in profitable business - kidnappings. Their gang was a part of the illegal armed formations under control to Aslan Maskhadov. Brothers of Tochievy were quickly developed: equipped some dugouts and cellars for hostages, and in Grozny have constructed the big house with cellars and round-the-clock protection. Jakub and Hamid bossed the show.
brothers have made One of loud abductions in the summer of 1999: they have captured the businessman from Gelendzhik Victor Dolgaleva, delivering oil and metal, and his wife. Long time of the spouse sat in a cellar, while them cellmates replaced each other: thieves demanded for clearing of the businessman with the wife $2 million Soon in the Chechen Republic active operations have begun, and captives managed to run. Having released, they have informed about all in law enforcement bodies. Jakub and Habib Tochievy, then their brothers of Magomed and the Ramazan, and also one more member of a gang, Isa Merzhoev have soon been arrested.
in the Autumn of this year business has arrived in the Supreme court of the North Ossetia. Defendants were accused of gangsterism, participation in illegal armed formations, armed assault, extortion and kidnapping. But inspectors managed to prove only an episode with abduction of a couple of Dolgalevyh.
Misters Dolgalevy acting in court as victims, recognised in defendants of the torturers. A victim of abduction have told that in a captivity they starved, have been constantly chained by handcuffs. Only with the beginning of operations gangsters have weakened control over captives, having removed from them chains and having forced to work on itself. The businessman repaired cars of insurgents, and his wife cooked food. During one of bombardments of the spouse have used turmoil and have run away.
however defendants in court denied the fault. As a result the consequence did not manage to prove in court fault of all five. Yesterday the court has taken out sentences on business. JAkub and Hamid Tochievy have been sentenced only for extortion and illegal imprisonment and have received on eight years of imprisonment. To a Ramazan to Tochievu of a distance ten years: to it have added attempt of rape of the captive and robbery (when spouses Dolgalevy were taken prisoner, it has first of all broken gold ornaments from the woman). Magomed Tochiev has been condemned for illegal imprisonment: having received three years, it has been there and then released on amnesty. And Isa Merzhoev in general has been justified in all respects: it was not possible to prove its fault. Received terms the court also has collected From all on 100 thousand roubles on account of repayment of the mental cruelty caused to spouses of Dolgalevym.