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Lawyer Kligmana was protected by anybody

On Thursday evening the vice-president of the Federal union of lawyers of Russia 51 - summer Alexander Kligman has committed suicide. It was shot from a pistol of Makarova, having left a farewell note where as the suicide reason not developed private life is named.

that day Alexander Kligman was present on protection of four master`s theses at the Moscow legal academy as zavkafedroj legal professions and the supervisor of studies of one of competitors. After a small buffet table it has gone to presidium of the Moscow regional Bar (MOKA) which vice-president it was. There, in the office office it has shot to itself(himself) at a head from a pistol of Makarova. Its corpse of the colleague have found in the same evening. Soon on a scene there have arrived representatives of militia and Izmajlovsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor. By yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor yet has not solved, whether there are materials collected by it about suicide by criminal case (in particular, it is necessary to find out a pistol origin, as it as the lawyer, had no permission to weapon carrying).
News about destruction of the known lawyer has caused shock in its colleagues. Mister Kligman, holding of a post of the first chairman of the Federal union of lawyers of Russia, and then - after election managing chair of legal profession MJUA - the vice-president, struggled for association of lawyer community (it revolted that only in Moscow exists more than ten isolated Bars). According to colleagues, he took the most active part in a writing of the project of the new law About legal profession in the Russian Federation proving that presented to the State Duma presidential the project (created under the direction of Dmitry Kozaka) does not correspond to world practice as does not provide independence of legal profession of the state. The lawyer, - spoke it, - should not burden itself neither interests of the investigation, nor problems of struggle against criminality .
Alexander Kligman protected many known people: the chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, the former vice-president of Russia Alexander Rutsky, the former mayor of Vladivostok Victor Cherepkova, the former vice-president of KGB Victor Grushko and the former president of Association of state enterprises of the USSR Alexander Tizjakova (two last - on business GKCHP). Mister Kligman, being vice-president MOKA, repeatedly protected in court of the colleagues - lawyers. Protection of the chairman military - an industrial complex " became last business of the venerable lawyer; the Moscow aviation production association Alexander Bezrukov accused of large plunders. Investigation of this business is already finished, and recently accused and its defender got acquainted with materials.
According to the teacher of chair of legal profession MJUA of lawyer Mosoblkollegii Alexander Kichihina, the overload on work could become the main reason which has prompted the lawyer on suicide. Besides it had troubles on legal profession chair: its some colleagues from other chairs tried to liquidate it. But troubles in private life were the main reason of an event as mister Kligman has written in the note left in an office. It has been dissolved, had three children, and with the woman whom he loved, relations developed uneasy.
in lawyer community consider Alexander Kligmana`s death irreplaceable loss of the professional and the scale person . It protected many, and nobody has protected it - so yesterday made comments on death of mister Kligmana of its colleague.
civil funeral on mister Kligmanu will take place on December, 23rd at 12 o`clock in presidium MOKA building (the Izmajlovsky prospectus, 47).