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Governor Rossel goes for the third term

Despite Boris Nemtsov`s resistance

Yesterday deputies of Sverdlovsk regional Duma at once in three readings have approved the amendment to the regional charter which will allow governor of the region Edward Rossel to be re-elected on the post in the third consecutive time.

According to the law About the general principles of the organisation legislative and executive powers of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation the first term of governor`s powers what has begun after coming into force of this law, that is after October, 6th, 1999 is considered. Thus, Edward Rossel selected in second time in September, 1999, now has a first term. However the area charter forbids one person to hold a post of the governor more than two terms successively, therefore that mister Rossel could use the right to the third term, the regional Duma should correct the charter.
Session has begun with performance of the deputy of the State Duma, one of heads of local Union of Right Forces of Andrey Selivanov which has read the reference of party leader Boris Nemtsov to members of fraction of Union of Right Forces (it totals five persons). In it it was said that restriction of time of stay in a post of the governor two terms is basic and a party hard line . Other deputies mister Selivanov too has urged to vote against the amendment, which breaks norms of the Constitution and transforms Russia into the feudal state .
However its appeal seriously have not accepted - Andrey Selivanov`s performance has caused laughter and caustic remarks. After it other deputies, however mister Selivanov began to act interrupted their speeches by rough remarks, demanded a word and knocked fists on a table. vitse - speaker Vyacheslav Tepljakovu had even to threaten: We will inform on your uncivilized behaviour to your heads in Moscow . The leader of fraction of Union of Right Forces in regional Duma Boris Chojnzonov has explained Andrey Selivanov`s behaviour to that, most likely, it was drunk .
After a break in amendment protection the chairman of the government of area Alexey Vorobev who has declared that " has acted; governor Rossel not only can, but also should and is worthy to continue to operate area . the area Charter was written by me, and I have brought there this restriction concerning two terms. Now I regret. Help to rectify my error - he has addressed to deputies. It was supported by the head of regional election committee Vladimir Mostovshchikov: We should not limit the suffrage even one person: if the law allows to be selected to it nobody should it interfere it to make .
Opposition in the name of fractions May and Our house - Our city (NDNG) has opposed amendments. it is unconstitutional - to correct laws for the sake of a whim of this person. I will not be surprised, if tomorrow it is appointed by you the governor for life - the leader of fraction NDNG Vladimir Kritsky has declared.
For entering of the amendment into its charter should approve the majority of deputies (19 persons). A coalition from fractions Unity of Ural Mountains Union of Right Forces and adjoined them the Communist Party of the Russian Federation just incorporated a necessary poll. Therefore deputies did not begin to philosophise and have approved the bill at once in three readings. Fractions May and NDNG have in protest left a hall. And mister Selivanov has promised to colleagues that else about New year them will exclude from Union of Right Forces: I will tell all to Nemtsov, we will collect political council, and you take off from our democratic party .
the Upper chamber of regional parliament will consider the problem on the third term on December, 27th. Leaders of opposition declare that will die in the last ditch and never will admit acceptances of this amendment . The governor has pressed through this decision through a thought, but we will challenge the amendment to court - the leader of fraction " has declared; May Alexander Burkov. However, as the deputy of the upper chamber Maxim Serebrjannikov, " has declared; the majority of deputies consider that the third term for the governor - a question solved .

IGOR - OARSMEN, Ekaterinburg