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The end Legends

last sea scout has gone To space

Yesterday in the morning from the cosmodrome Baikonur " carrier rocket; the Cyclone - 2 (1169) into a circumterraneous orbit the military companion - the scout the MOUSTACHE - PU has been started - it became last device of space system the Legend for the Navy.

to creation of system of sea space investigation and tseleukazany (SMKRTS) the Legend Moscow has started 30 years ago. The new system has been urged to replace system Success which basis the strategic bomber made They be 95. Working out of the companion the MOUSTACHE - PU has carried out reutovskoe NPO mechanical engineering, and the batch production of devices has been developed at factory the Arsenal (St.-Petersburg).
In 1978 SMKRTS has been accepted on arms. The system allowed to define with split-hair accuracy of co-ordinate avianosnyh and ship groups of the Navy of the probable opponent and to give out necessary tseleukazanija on protivokorabelnye the rockets placed on the Russian nuclear submarines, constructed under the project 949 (including on the victim Kursk ) And the fighting ships. High efficiency Legends has been visually shown in the summer of 1982 during English - the Argentina conflict from - for the Falkland (Malvinsky) islands. Then the system has allowed to trace completely conditions on the sea. Under the data received from companions the MOUSTACHE - PU specially created centre of reception and information processing, the Navy general staff has precisely defined the moment of the beginning of disembarkation of an English landing.
presence of this system caused concern in Russia to the USA, and companions from structure Legends have been declared by the main targets for created by the Pentagon in 80 - e years protivosputnikovoj systems ASAT. Americans and have not created system of counteraction, but the Legend dies the death: earlier in orbits simultaneously worked four - five devices the MOUSTACHE - PU, and in the end of 90 - h years - only one. The device started yesterday became the last: factory the Arsenal has stopped their release. And in two years (should work in an orbit the MOUSTACHE so much - PU) if will occur nothing, the system will stop the existence.
under the information, on change to the Legend will come created on sankt - Petersburg the Arsenal system the Liana which should become universal and will allow to conduct radio engineering investigation not only in water area of the World ocean (as the companion the MOUSTACHE - PU), but also on a land (as the companion the Virgin soil - 2 ). However, unlike the MOUSTACHE - PU in cost about 10 million roubles the Liana will cost more expensive five times. The new device should go to the first flight next year when its flight tests will begin. But that activity of space investigation did not interrupt, in 2004 the Liana should take up space watch.