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Vanessa Mej was not late to distribution

Boutique Tiffany has arranged official ceremony of the opening. To cut a ribbon have asked skripachku Vanessu Mej. For it her have treated with champagne and have presented a necklace - all for $12 thousand

Actually boutique Tiffany has opened in Tretjakovsky journey for a long time. It has not prevented to open it again - this time officially and besides with star participation. However, to wait for Vanessu Mej (Vanessa Mae) it was necessary longer, than all counted. The holiday beginning planned on 15. 30. But for an hour till designated time it was found out that before will begin half fifth nothing. However and this forecast has appeared too optimistical.
to the half fifth boutique in a small premise the present chaos has begun. Basically all place was occupied with nine television cameras - for action of such scale figure unprecedented. Journalists too have formed appreciable crowd, and in it not numerous guests of honour have got lost also. They basically were represented by ladies. Certainly, there was Nadezhda Soloveva - the vice-president of company SAV Entertainment which, actually, and has arranged arrival of Vanessy Mej to Moscow. There was also Irina Gafina, the wife of the vice-president of Alpha bank Alexander Gafina, old partner SAV Entertainment. Madam Gafina was not one, and with daughter Katya. On opening there has arrived also director Andron Konchalovsky together with the spouse Julej. Were in Tiffany and two other women of fashion - the proprietress of the trading house Moscow Alla Verber and singer Alain Sviridov. However, Sviridov`s madam has spent in Tiffany very few time. Having despaired to wait that for the sake of which all, actually, and have gathered, the singer has decided to get out of a premise. The problem has appeared uneasy - before an exit the wall built television cameramen. But here experience on a scene - after loud shout " was useful to the singer; Part! the road on will has been opened. However, it was necessary to climb through under the red ribbon which meanwhile has been not cut.
cut it a bit later all - taki arrived madam Mej - small plastic scissors. Then there was an awkward pause - what to do with the honourable guest, nobody knew. Director Valentine Gneushev has saved situation. With words I the director, let me pass it has brought to the guest a silver tray with two glasses of champagne and by that has relieved the tension. And Vanessa Mej for the act has received as a gift from Tiffany a necklace. Not such and expensive - all $12 thousand as have informed sources.