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Metro changes the machinist

Yesterday at company Metro office cash and carry has passed a press - the conference devoted to leaving of the head of Russian office Metro cash and carry of Walter Demettsa from this post and from the company. Experts consider that resignation of the general director speaks about failures in company work in Moscow.

According to a press - to release, mister Demetts (Walter Demetz) will leave a post on December, 31st, that to realise new professional problems . Yesterday the former general director has declared that leaving from the company - its personal initiative. I have got used to work on heavy sites as, for example, start of two first shops Metro in Moscow, - was informed by mister Demetts. - Now when shops work, there was a routine work. To leave I have accepted the decision even before opening of shops . However, experts consider that resignation of mister Demettsa - result of discontent of management Metro AG indicators of the Russian office. In favour of these assumptions says that in Metro cash and carry had not time to find at all replacement to the general director, and in the nearest two - three months director Metro cash and carry on countries of Eastern Europe and Russia Thomas Hjubner (Thomas Huebner) will fulfil duties of the head of the Moscow office.
Walter Demetts - the skilled manager who has worked in Metro 30 years. It started projects Metro cash and carry in Italy and Bulgaria (in last country he headed office Metro with 1997 - go for 2000). However start of shops in Russia has appeared more a challenge. According to one of suppliers Metro (all commentators asked not to mention them in a press not to complicate relations with largest buyer), Germans have overestimated own possibilities and have tried to transfer the international model of shops Metro to Russia without local specificity. It has led to that both shops of the company on 10 - 15 % do not correspond to requirements Russian SES and gospozhnadzora, more strict, than European. We will tell, on request of firemen in shops it was necessary to establish additional fire-prevention system a day before opening.
besides till now problems are not solved with suppliers and client cards. We will tell, mister Demetts even has declared in the summer that Metro has found two thousand suppliers. However after opening of the first shops it became obvious that the majority of them not the largest companies. And though Germans have agreed on deliveries of production with Vimm - the Bill - Given and Ochakovsky molkombinatom, but have not found common language with Danon. Metro on - former boycott many largest meat-packing plants and confectionery factories ( Red October concern Babaevsky EFKO, Kampomos and others), dissatisfied with conditions of discounts and the deliveries, put forward Metro.
At last in spite of the fact that, under the information a press - services Metro cash and carry, the plan on distribution to Moscow 400 - 500 thousand client cards is executed, melkooptovyh purchasers (on which the format cash is calculated and carry) it has appeared much less. Now to each of two shops it is fixed only on 100 thousand clients - cards of the others cancelled. And, as Thomas Hjubner has declared yesterday, work on zachistke client base from retail buyers will last till summer of 2002. All these disorders by which opening of shops was accompanied, have given Metro cash and carry a little scandalous popularity in a press.
nevertheless yesterday Germans have tried to save the face. As has declared Hjubner, the management of holding has no claims to mister Demettsu and company strategy in Russia remains former. As well as it was planned, in 2002 three new shops cash and carry in Moscow will open and building of two shops in Petersburg will begin. Mister Hjubner will personally watch realisation of plans. For this purpose in January it will move from Dusseldorf where there is a staff - apartment Metro AG, to the Russian capital.