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The speaker of Moscow City Council has thanked Muscovites

for a correct choice

Yesterday a management of the Moscow municipal duma (MGD) has summed up the elections which have passed in the past Sunday in capital parliament. Speaker MGD Vladimir Platonov has warmly thanked Muscovites for a correct choice. And its assistant Alexander Krutov has suggested to cancel 25 - a percentage barrier.

I want to congratulate you on the termination of a month of misinformation about Moscow City Council - such words speaker MGD has opened yesterday`s a press - conference. But apparently, Muscovites were affected by the misinformation which has fallen upon them, and they managed to make a correct choice. Vladimir Platonov has warmly thanked them for it twice: Many thanks to Muscovites, they select those people. They select those authorities which are able to conduct adequately itself . And Alexander Krutov not absolutely has by the way added that, by data sotsoprosov, 85 % of Muscovites do not know the deputies.
the Worthy behaviour of city authorities, according to the speaker gordumy, consists in unanimity of deputies and absence between them of conflicts and scandals. It favourably distinguishes the Moscow authorities from other Russian regions. Speaking about mutual relations of the Duma and the mayor, Platon`s Mister has expressed opinion that one half of brain cannot be completely independent of another as it is a schizophrenia . But has disagreed and with the statement that Moscow City Council - under Luzhkov . As he said, if necessary the Duma achieves from the mayoralty of the necessary decisions.
the sore point on the minimum appearance in 25 % at which elections are considered taken place has been mentioned also. Alexander Krutov has declared that conversations on a low appearance on elections in Moscow City Council - it is a great myth, as 30 % - the normal phenomenon . However has there and then fallen with sharp criticism upon position about the minimum appearance. According to mister Krutov, The selective threshold is a nonsense, absurdity and something absolutely surprising as from - for it the absolute minority can impose the rests the will . He However, gave reason for this argument strange enough: if two groups of voters, components together 23 %, want to participate in elections other group of all in 2 % can prevent them, having refused participation in voting. Therefore again selected Duma will bring an attention to the question on cancellation of the minimum appearance.
Concerning conversations on possible increase in an appearance, for example, with the help vbrosa additional bulletins, Vladimir Platonov has declared that it is simply impossible to make it . As he said, such manipulations cannot be carried out secretly from members of election committees. Meanwhile the technology of formation of electoral committees assumes informal mutual control. Besides, on sites it is a lot of observers from different candidates.
summing up, Platon`s speaker has informed that last session of old structure of Moscow City Council will pass on December, 26th. And already next day again selected deputies will take the oath on fidelity to Muscovites, having received in exchange constant deputy certificates.