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Today, on December, 24th, 55 years to the actor, the writer and television leader Leonid Filatovu
Happy birthday Leonid Filatova are executed actor George Zhzhenov congratulates:
- the Most good words this day to my present companion, the kind person and the worthy actor.
from the first our meeting I have like deep sympathy for Lena, the person close to me the vital representations and foundations. It would be desirable to wish Lena after all tests of kind health transferred by it and pleasure in life.

48 years to the viola player, national actor Yury Bashmet
the Congratulation to Yury Bashmet today are executed the main rabbi of Russia transfers Berl Lazar:
- Dear Yury Abramovich, I wish you happy birthday! I am proud of that the music native land, Italy, has handed over you the higher award - an award For merits before the Italian Republic degrees of the Commodore. I know you not only as the first viola player in the world, but also as close friend of our community. I constantly observe, how your music opens to people the world of the fine! Yours kindness and generosity are known for all. And you let and are accompanied further by good luck, be happy! I wish you the further successes in all your undertakings and happy life till 120 years!

41 year galeristu to Maratu Gelman
Happy birthday Marata Gelman today is executed the head of the company " congratulates; the Expo - park Vasily Bychkov:
- Marat is a name of modern actual art in Russia. Marat Gelman is not gallery, and movement in a new Russian reality an uneasy way of opposition to a semi-official organ and platitude. Marat Gelman is the fresh wind blowing in a sail to actual Moscow and actual Russia.
Dear Marat, I am glad to that throughout many years I have possibility to co-operate with you over variety of joint projects. And to study at you, as at one of the best cultural managers of Russia. I think that the whole army of your friends, associates and admirers will join this estimation. I wish you a fair wind and good luck in realisation of yours, as always grandiose and on - good ambitious, plans. Monstrously strong to you of health, enchanting love of relatives and eternal fidelity of friends!
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