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The astrological forecast

Monday, on December, 24th
exclusively successful day. Show today the maximum activity, and you receive excellent results.
in business are good both individual, and collective actions. Expand sphere of the influence in the market more safely, operate more actively. Be not afraid to undertake new affairs. In the various markets favorable conditions. Retail trade also will go successfully. Good day for household purchases, including difficult and expensive things.
successful time to go to distant travel. It is possible to prepare also for a trip, to buy tickets, tourist permits. Trips on the car too should pass well.
in the psychological relation harmonious and dynamical day. Be not lazy, use accruing energy, in other days this week such chances can not be. Favorable day equally both for intellectual, and for a physical activity. Do not forget to work sports, evening hours especially approach for this purpose.
in love superfluous energy too will not prevent, operate more safely and respond to partner initiatives.
for health favorable day. Only to go to the dentist today it is not necessary.
ARIESES make excellent chances of success in business, travel, study and scientific work. In love be more benevolent and kinder.
TAURUSES can receive unexpected benefits. The secret, unknown information for you will open new possibilities. Pay attention to study, trips and love.
TWINS are capable to become successful together with friends and colleagues. It is more preferable to you collective actions.
CANCERS should pay attention to new aspects of the life. Be not afraid of updating and unexpectedness. Both in love, and in work at you all is good, and health should improve.
LIONS can prove in career, mental work, to make an interesting trip. Work over improvement of health and conditions on work.
MAIDENS in love have favorable possibilities, try to get rid of complexes and biases. Children too can please you.
SCALES will pleasantly spend time at home. Good day for mutual relations with partners, in business sphere and in private life.
SCORPIONS should pay attention to intellectual sphere and travel, here you now can achieve success. Daily work, good atmosphere of the house will successfully go also.
SAGITTARIUSES should be active, and the more actively, the better - in business, in sports, in love. The success depends only on you. Be not afraid to go on reasonable risk.
CAPRICORNS can use the general favorable conditions, reasonably organise business, take from activity a maximum of concrete result. Good luck and in domesticities.
AQUARIUS can involve people for important large affairs. You are popular, to your arguments people are now inclined to listen.
FISHES also should show the big activity, than usually. You can take pleasure in dialogue and improve the material affairs, earn additionally.

Tuesday, on December, 25th
In the east of Russia morning hours when it is possible to do shopping or take pleasure in romantic relations are harmonious. And in the European part it is better not to hurry up to begin the day early. The most productive hours - in the middle of day. But successfully it is possible to work also in the evening, especially if for you intellectual work.
for business and trade harmonious day. It is possible to work in stock markets where you will manage to become successful if apply non-standard schemes which will not come to mind to other participants. New variants will appear are perspective and in usual trade, and also on trips and travel.
Psychological atmosphere basically normal, both in business life, and in a family. Favorable day for family dialogue though the best time is necessary on day working hours. It is possible to hold meetings and negotiations.
is closer by the night the probability of errors, especially is raised if you are inattentive, unhealthy or drunk. In these hours be more careful with medicines. Be careful of a deceit.
at ARIESES dialogue with chiefs and officials will well go, the material profit is possible, there are creative possibilities in career.
TAURUSES can use the knowledge, scientific achievements in practical sphere for earning money and cosiness creation.
TWINS can apply smart financial combinations. Only do not outwit itself. Concern people more carefully.
CANCERS can create a favorable psychological climate to the friends and partners. Thus and at them the mood and even health will improve.
LIONS can unite people in a family, on work, in a casual household situation. You become the leader. Good luck in professional sphere.
MAIDENS should to try concern work as to game, with a reasonable share of risk and passion, to think up unusual variants and combinations. Good luck in study and trips.
SCALES need to be more delicate in a family. Probably reception have arrived in joint operation with the partner. Favorable time for intimate relations.
at SCORPIONS good luck in mutual relations. Profit on business contacts. Business trips and work with documents are successful. In private life too everything is all right.
SAGITTARIUSES can get good profit at the creative approach to work. The initiative can proceed from you. Old communications can yield interesting unexpected result.
CAPRICORNS can prove in love and creativity. Use the creative ideas interesting to a combination in practical work, in financial sphere.
AQUARIUS should pay attention to the secret information, to analyse it and to use in affairs. It makes sense to work at home.
FISHES can successfully work together with friends. Trips are successful. Late at night the psychological climate is capable to deteriorate, especially from alcohol.